The rankings are back with a fresh update just in time for fashion month! Anyone who’s been keeping an eye on pop culture can tell you that the modeling business is in the midst of a revolutionary new moment. With recent issues of Interview, American Vogue and W devoting cover space and unprecedented attention to models, all eyes are on the industry and its biggest stars. The revised rankings reflect this new ethos, with next generation stars like Vanessa Axente and Edie Campbell rising through the ranks of the Top 50 and one of a kind talents like Freja Beha Erichsen and Sasha Pivovarova ascending to Icon status. Covers, campaigns, contracts and editorial buzz are still the most important factors in all rankings – as evidenced by the unstoppable trajectory of blue-chip queen, Saskia de Brauw and the rise of Chinese powerhouse Liu Wen – but the lists also take in new factors. As social media media continues to grow in importance the models who use it to their advantage enter into a new sphere of influence faster than you can say, Cara Delevingne.

This update also sees a new crop of Hot List Graduates (Chiharu Okunugi, Andreea Diaconu, Sam Rollinson, Amanda Murphy, Cora Emmanuel, Ashleigh Good and Tilda Lindstam) moving into the Top 50.

Of course shifts in the Top 50 aren’t the only part of the story – the Money Girls Ranking has been amended to include that special class of girl clients are willing to pay top dollar to get. With high profile contracts on the rise and brands rediscovering the importance of a signature face the money ranking is more important than ever. Selected via work for key clients, ongoing contracts with the best in fashion and enduring editorial appeal the women who make up the list are among the top tier. Names like Arizona Muse, Liu Wen and Edita Vilkeviciute share space with legends like Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss, making this the most prestigious and diverse lineup to date.

Check out all the updated women rankings and see where your favorites placed – who’s in, who’s out and of course who’s entered into the top 5.

  1. liu wen is the best! i am so thrilled to see her improvement! she is making a new legendary!

  2. This list is missing Soo Joo Park. How could multiple covers, editorials and campaigns such as Tom Ford and Chanel not accelerated her into top 50?

  3. I think it’s about f***ing time FREJA BEHA makes it to the ICON list! She is one of t-he best model ever!

  4. Great ranking system, very impressed. It is so thorough now. Saskia replacing Karlie makes perfect sense… Saskia is an image girl through and through. Bravo!

  5. Nice updates. I would have sent Vanessa to the top ten. Miuccia/Meisel exclusive directly to Calvin Klein is the stuff legends are made of. Abbey Lee is already more iconic than some girls on the list, but I can see holding off another season…..though the Gucci only girl comeback was definitely iconic.

    Just gonna say it, there is no way Joan is the top girl in the world…….she’s just not. I do see how it appears she was on track to be, and recognize once you are #1 you can’t go down, so it is what it is.

    Can I make a plea? When the male list is updated PLEASE make Clement #1. If you go back and look a the campaign list, his is the most impressive in male model history. The guy moves from the bluest of blue chips to the most massive of mass markets with an ease I can’t recall any other man doing for some time. To be blunt, he is simply without peer,

  6. Am so happy to here that Freja and Sasha get to move over the icon list because they deserve it. Am content with the ranking it’s nice to see LIU WEN & KARMEN at number 3 and 4 because these girls has been working so hard. Catherine back on the list again is amazing. It’s weird seeing Karlie so low (for her standards) at #9. Lets not mention who’s at number 5…. Cara… Anyways I AGREEE WITH EVERYONE AND SAY WHERE’S SOO JOO?!?!

  7. The level of Karlie’s work has definately gone down. I have to say, I agree with the move on her.

  8. Liu Wen!! so impressed to see her in top 3.

    I wonder why Adriana Lima is on Supers list but not Stephanie Seymour and Cindy Crawford?

  9. Andreea, Amanda and Cathrine! Can’t wait to see them in top 10 on the next update!

  10. When the male list will updated? You really need to put Clement Chabernaud to Number 1 or male icon list !!

  11. Karlie at 9? Is that a joke? She has more vogue covers than Joan and Saskia combined…

  12. Thanks God Cara Delevingne on 5th place. It means she can easily move to the next Top Three. And glad to see the modern mods like Edie Campbell is on Top Ten. She did Lanvin Fall/Winter ’13 campaign with versatile amazing looked and also the new face of Alexander Mcqueen. So it’s time to quirky model shines this year.

  13. Karlie being on #9, reasonable but not happy with it.
    Sure she is not having as much ads and covers as the rest in the top 8,
    but I thought the moderation ONCE A YEAR should be considering not the performance of the model only this season but her career as a whole. Because otherwise why not just put Cara and Edie 1st and 2nd. So it’s not fair to Karlie, Kati, Candice, Arizona, Constance, Aymeline and a lot of the other girls. They are not flopping that much.
    But if it has to be explained in the way that ya, it’s the ranking of the model of current season, then please update more frequently, like you did years ago, not once a year and give us such dramatic changes.

  14. JOANNNN i love!!! Where’s Soo Joo? Constance is no longer on the list wow!

  15. Ok, I’ve kept my mouth shut for a couple of days now and given this some serious thought.

    Cindy Crawford – She obviously does still work a little (at least more than Helena C.), it would take 5 minutes of work to add her to the Supers list.

    Alek Wek – A total game changer from the 90’s with her distinctive looks and still very much in demand. Dior Haute Couture show, Benetton campaign and Pirelli calendar come in mind. Industry icons material.

    Kirsten Owen – If Industry Icons list calls for worldwide recognition, Ms. Owen can’t have less than Jamie Bochert. Kirsten has worked consistently since the mid 90’s and just had a Prada campaign to prove that her unique looks are still high in demand. An industry icon.

    Maud Welzen – Valentino S/S 12 S/S 13 F/W 13
    Versus S/S 12
    Versace Watches F/W 12
    Ralph Lauren Collection F/W 12
    Belstaff F/W 12 S/S 13
    Gucci Eyewear F/W 12
    Galliano F/W 12
    Belstaff Pre-SPring 2013
    RMK Cosmetics S/S 2013

    Do I need to say more…?

  16. The new listing system is finally stable and well thought out… I love it. Bravo And for those stressing over Karlie, don’t stress. She was uber exclusive girl opening shows and doing Vogue covers, now she’s more commercial, it is what is what it is. Saskia is fashion elite and Karlies time has passed. All good. Bravo

  17. Hi! Saw that gorgeous Frida Gustavsson is on the Money List – well deserved! Can´t understand why she, with all her recent Campaigns and editorial work, isn´t on the top 50 as well?

  18. Glad to see the changes. I have to agree with others here — Cindy Crawford should really be on the Supers list. CC epitomizes the word “supermodel”.


  20. What the hell Clement Chabernaud is still No3 ?!! He should so overtake Sean and Simon be #1 or rank to the Male Icon List

  21. I think it’s pretty obvious that Kate Upton is the real number one right now, she’s TOO LOW on the Top 50… well, actually, since last year, she was already the girl of moment, this is not only a momentum. The girl has already gotten every single cover any model wants: the main Vogues (being the choice for the debut of CR Fashion basically counts as a French Vogue) and Vanity Fair. She doesn’t need more campaigns or runways to prove she’s the current leader, ’cause she is. Look at the facts, just go through the data in her profile. Now her contract with Yurman just rises her status even more. She and Cara are the only ones on that list who are social phenomena besides being models. The supers moved masses in the 90s, now these girls are showing us the modern way to do that. A country side boy from the UK may know their names and faces, now I can bet anything you want the possibilities he knows who Joan Smalls seriously are below 1%. Joan could become an icon inside the fashion circles in the future (I don’t think she’s been a strong number one if we compare her to the previous ones), but Kate and Cara will be icons not only inside the industry, but outside of it too, specially Kate. Honestly, I wonder sometimes if she’s one already. I mean, being such a huge boom for the American culture was something Gisele did in the early 00s. Now Kate’s that girl for the early 10s. I really don’t see anyone else on that list deserving the #1 spot right now and becoming a true icon in the near future.

  22. Kate Upton number 1? A real number 1 model should conquer runways (which she doesn’t), editorials, campaigns (not just a blue chip David Yurman), covers (the only area that she conquered). She ain’t no number 1.

  23. I think the list needed some changes, I’m agree with Lily… Maud Welzen is girl that deserves to be on the list. Joan is not longer the number one y my opinion that place is for Saskia because the last two campaings were so amazing for her and she has been constantly on covers, editorials and the biggest brands choose her every season.
    The list should be updated frequently… Some girls in the hot list like Georgia May Jagger, Irina kravchenko, Julia Frauche, deserve to be on the top 10 and others like Josephine Skriver, Juliane Grüner, Rosie Tapner should be removed.

  24. Well, Kate Upton shall be number 1 in celebrity model list. Can create one for her?

  25. some covers here and there and few campaigns a little bit on the left and a little bit on the right do not qualify Kate Upton for the number 1 position. If anything, Meghan Collison should be no1 because she has the most vogue italia covers amongst all the models in the list.

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