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There are hundreds of beautiful faces on the scene, but few are blessed with the exuberance and instant appeal of Malaika Firth (New York Model Management) . The Kenyan born stunner is quickly becoming an in demand commodity, racking up high profile work for Love Magazine and appearing on the runway for one of the most exclusive designers. On the eve of her first full-fledged season, MDC caught up with Malaika to talk fashion, travel and the possibly of seeing the beautiful Ms. Firth on the silver screen.

I know that you’re from Kenya originally – how long did you live there before moving to London?

M: I was born in Kenya and I lived there for seven years, I went to school there and I learned a lot in Africa.

Were you scouted on the street, or did you seek out agencies?

M: Basically I was watching the Model Agency, it was on channel four back in England and I just loved the atmosphere and the agency itself. I was just very fond of it. I told my mom, and then we had a meeting with Carol, the founder of Premier and she loved me right away and just took me on.

Before you got into modeling were you into fashion?

M: Because I was born in Kenya there was nothing really about fashion where I was staying. It was all about just being free and doing your own thing. When I came to England I saw all these pretty girls in the magazines and on TV and I’m like “I want to be that”, it’s so cool. I just started getting interested from the age of maybe fourteen, but not from a fashion perspective just the beauty side of it and the pretty girls.

Was there anyone in particular you looked up to?

M: There are so many models that I actually look up to but I feel like I just take bits from them and make it my own and make it me, Malaika Firth. Obviously I like Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls and Cara Delevingne, but I try to do my own thing.

What do you like to do when you’re not on the job?

M: I like sketching, cooking or braiding my hair. I enjoy just looking after myself; getting facials, going to the park, just chilling out reading the Bible, simple stuff.

What do you enjoy most about the job so far?

M: Traveling! I love traveling, but I used to be so frightened of it. When I used to fly with my mom, I used to hold her and start crying but recently I just love the escape from it. When you’re up in the clouds it’s like no one could touch you, no one could speak to you, nothing.. you’re just by yourself in your zone and I love that. I love just exploring places. I love my job, I love going into different types of restaurants and speaking to people, it’s pretty cool.

What would you like to try out next?

M: I would love to be an actress.

Any particular role you’d like to play?

M: A really mad woman, something really sad, that I could just cry throughout the play. I ‘d love that.

That’s amazing, is taking on a character what attracts you to acting?

M: I just enjoy showing emotions. There are so many emotions in us and just to express it is amazing. I love it!


Malaika Firth by Solve Sundsbo for LOVE Magazine

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