A stunning cast of diverse beauty for The Ones 2 Watch: New Wave editorial Legion embraces the ideal of a new world order in fashion. Photographed by Alexandre Valerio, and featuring both brand new faces as well as Top 50 / Hot List names such as Tian Yi and Malcolm De Ruiter, these models hail from places as varied as Compton and South Korea, with backgrounds ranging from Pakistani to Angolan. Casting by Audie Umali proves that the choice of multicultural models is out there.

Ph: Alexandre Valerio | Model: Roberta Narciso

Ph: Alexandre Valerio | Model: Shanina Shaik

Ph: Alexandre Valerio | Model: Geron McKinley @ Click

Ph: Alexandre Valerio | Model: Tian Yi

Ph: Alexandre Valerio | Model: Dylan Fosket

Ph: Alexandre Valerio | Model: Leona Binx Walton

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  1. I loved Binx since the moment i really spotted her at Miu Miu she defiantly stood out

  2. I love this!!! The casting is beyond superb, I don’t know some of those models but they look awesome, Geron McKinley and Shanina Shaik look AMAZING OMG!!!

  3. Amazing Casting: The standout beauties are Shanina Shaik, Tian Yi, Charlotte Wiggins, Pritika Swarup & Binx Walton they are unique and definitely the incredible picks.

  4. Can someone say a great cast for the Givenchy Show!!!!!!!
    *Steffi Soede
    *Binx Walton
    *Pritika Swarup
    *Nur Hellmann
    *Shanina Shaik
    *Liza Golden
    These girls should be highly considered for the show, I see a beautiful mix of uniqueness and strong faces.

    I really see huge future for her, what a unique look! Plus, we need more Indian girls and more variety in the fashion world. I’ve seen many girls in the past few month but no one with her look, really wish her the best!

  6. Pritika Swarup & Maria Borges are SO AMAZING, WOW!!! I also like Binx! Great casting!
    All 3 see in Givenchy…

  7. I LOVE Charlotte Wiggins and Pritika Swarup..both have sharp features that are incredibly unique. They will go far!!

  8. Pritika Swarup is beyond amazing!!! I heard she is Indian & British? Wow, what a mix! I see Givenchy & Burberry for her.
    Good luck!

  9. My fav are Binx & Pritika Swarup, both are very interesting looking and beautiful!
    Great Casting!

  10. @Jessica Yes I heard Pritika is British and Indian too. And i totally agree with you about her being in Burberry. How major would that be! I definitely see her in Givenchy for sure. Dylan is fierce too.. Let’s give some love to the boys.

  11. Wow love this casting!
    My new obsession is Pritika Swarup & Jakob Wiechmann…so expensive looking! Def will be stars!

  12. PRITIKA IS A STAR. Do you see those angles?! Do you see those eyes?!

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