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SCANDINAVIA S/S/A/W Photo – Andreas Öhlund and Maria Therese (LUNDLUND) | Fashion – Oscar Lange | Hair – Rudi Lewis (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists) | Makeup – Anya de Tobon for Chanel | Model – Frida Gustavsson

Multiple covers are a popular magazine gimmick, but what if every single issue of a magazine had a completely different image on the front page? For their A/W 13 issue Scandinavia S/S/A/W will go where no publication has gone before with 5000 different covers, each one slightly different than the last. Shot by photographer Andreas Öhlund and starring Frida Gustavsson – the ‘Literally Unique’ issue is something special. Creative director Jakob Hysén Hedberg and Frida explain how this one of a kind project came to fruition.

How did you come up with this concept?

Jakob Hysén Hedberg: I got a bit tired of magazines doing more and more covers for the same issue. Some of them doing covers that wasn’t even linked together by a theme or shot by the same photographer. I was thinking of how to do multiple covers in a new interesting way and came up with the idea to do one unique cover for every copy.

How was this physically possible to do?

JHH: Since digital printing have become so much better over the past years it opens possibilities to work a lot more with uniqueness in printing. But, it has been hard work. Both for me and the photographer – 5000 images have been retouched, and 5000 covers have been laid out and processed for print. Seeing the result it has definitely been worth it though.

Which cover is the best one?

JHH: Impossible to choose one. Frida was amazing, we shoot this for a very long day and she managed to come up with image after image not looking the same. In fact I have separation anxiety… I want to keep them all.

 Where can you buy the magazine?

JHH: We have retailers all over the world, but it takes a few weeks for some of them to get the magazines. So the easiest way is to buy it online. Go to

poster_5070 (1)

What was it like shooting 5000 different covers?

Frida Gustavsson: It was such a fun and memorable experience! Everybody in the team are luckily both great friends and really talented so we just had a relaxed and creative day toying with different hair and make up and ideas.

You must be the model with the most unique covers in the history now?

FG: Haha, I certainly hope so ;)

How did you manage to come up with all these different expressions?

FG: Thankfully I had a great team to help me come up with some fun ideas but mostly we just had fun and played around, shooting 5000 different versions of one image was certainly a creative work out haha!

How is it shooting back home in Scandinavia compared to NYC or Paris?

FG: Back home everything is smaller and less pressure and since Stockholm is my home town I love working there – but even more so I love working with my friends!










  1. I thought this was a fantastic idea, a real shove in the face to magazines like i-d who do incoherent multiple covers for the hell of it.
    I wish I could see (and buy) all 5000 covers!

  2. come on.. doesnt make sense anymore..
    i mean 3 different covers with 3 different models..already didnt make sense to me..
    now we have one girl..with 5000 covers..dude? did we loose inspiration.
    or cant wechose a picture anymore for a lets use them all.

  3. I liked it, the idea by itself, and how smart it looks compared to magazines which waaay more pretentiously have many senselessly different covers.
    PS btw I had no doubts Frida can look amazing in 5000 different shots…

  4. Come on! It’s not the fact that there are 5000 different ones thats most amazing. But that all of them are unique, printed in one copy!

  5. I’m going to buy each one, arrange them and make a flip book. It’s an ingenious way to let other magazines they’ve arrived.

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