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As one of the world’s most sought after stylists, Julia von Boehm has created countless memorable looks in the pages of some of the biggest magazines & campaigns. With her new role as International Fashion Director of Interview Germany, von Boehm continues to set trends and influence fashion on a global scale. The always chic Ms. von Boehm takes us inside the magazine’s June issue and provides insight into her meteoric rise to the top; from being inspired by the greats of cinema, to assisting Carine Roitfeld.

What inspired you to embark on a career in fashion?

Julia von Boehm: I was always fascinated by beauty and the chicness of icons such as Grace Kelly. When I was 19, I moved to Paris to study Fashion Design and ended up, accidentally, becoming the fashion assistant to Carine Roitfeld. At this point, I knew I would never want to do anything else than be a stylist.

What does your position at Interview Germany entail?

JvB: I work together with the Berlin team to plan future issues, from fashion and beauty stories to celebrity covers and photoshoots. I select and research the photographers, concepts and models.

Can you tell us about about the June Issue?

JvB: For the June issue, Terry Richardson and I shot Tobey Maguire, star of The Great Gatsby, for the cover. I also styled a very ‘hot’ fashion story with Candice Swanepoel and photographer Sharif Hamza.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of the job for you?

JvB: The most rewarding part of my job with Interview Germany is editing the images with the photographer at the end of a successful shoot. I also enjoy my consultancy work with fashion designers, where I really get to begin early on in the collections and be part of a team until the very moment of the fashion show.

What can we expect from Interview Germany in the future?

JvB: Fashion on a whole new level!

What have been some of your most memorable experiences as a stylist?

JvB: Some of my most memorable moments, still, are from when I was an assistant. It was very exciting times, working closely with Tom Ford on Gucci and YSL campaigns with Carine. It was all very glamorous and an exciting time in fashion.

Can you talk a bit about your collaborations with brands like YSL or H&M?

JvB: H&M I have worked with a lot over the years, I really enjoy working with them, it’s always refreshing and fun. I’ve had a great time working on both the campaigns and magazines, with amazing photographers and dear friends. It’s an honour to work with houses such as YSL and Bvlgari, they have such a history and to be a part of that is something I am very proud of.





Gastby star Tobey Maguire by Terry Richardson, Styling Julia von Boehm & Grooming Kara Bua




Candice Swanepoel by Sharif Hamza (Cadence New York), Styling by Julia von Boehm, Hair by Akki Shirakawa, Makeup by Frankie Boyd, Nails by Gina Edwards

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