Teaser: A Snapshot into Image Making

Standing at the forefront of the digital new wave, frequent Models.com contributors Santiago & Mauricio Sierra share with us an exclusive teaser of their latest project, Moving Forward: “A Snapshot into Image Making”, a personal commentary on digital iconography launching May 12 2014 on What’s Contemporary and on Instagram at @santiagoandmauricio

Santiago and Mauricio are self-described image makers. Their images are studies questioning primal corporeality in hyper-modernity. They address these dichotomies by augmenting perceptual and sensorial experiences with digital and temporal manipulation. It is their poetic gesture that articulates possible paradigmatic shift of the gaze.

In the past year, the image or / and the photograph have been a focal point. From Paris Photo questioning whether the medium of photography should be included in the FIAC, the contemporary art fair, to the International Center of Photography recently asking: “What is a photograph”, it has become apparent that the seamless integration of imaging in the vernacular has destabilized the meaning of the photograph.

Digital iconography has become so pervasive that commercial brands are launching their most recent collaboration through Instagram and then subsequently appearing in traditional media. This trend speaks volumes on how we are consuming content, across platforms with different audiences. The question of how iconography exists in various cultural and technological eco-systems leaves us saturated, yet constantly wanting more. Image addiction has become a collective condition for which we are craving a contemplative refuge. Santiago and Mauricio’s methodology, offers a small rupture, a reminder of the processes of image making and capturing.

– Text by Saulo Madrid

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