Top 10 Newcomer FW 09 (Bonus): Tao


Tao Okamoto/Supreme Polaroid by Paul Rowland

A massive runway season is translating into beautiful campaign and editorial options for one of the most unique girls this season. Tao sealed the deal a New York run that included Marc Jacobs and  Ralph Lauren followed by a Dolce in Milan closed out  by brilliant bookings for McQueen, YSL, Vuitton and MiuMiu. More importantly this very elegant Japanese model has made of her presence something distinct and memorable.

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  1. I ADORE Tao. She’s both charming and elegant, and the new haircut suits her to a tee. What a spectacular re-launch of a girl who never really got a chance to shine.

  2. Finally a Japanese girl! She’s so good in print and on the runway – I hope she’ll go far.

    Amazing what the right haircut can do too ;-)

  3. yay tao! she has such a sweet vibe to her. she seems so fresh and playful!

  4. So happy to see you are featuring Tao! Killer body, stunning shows & that head turning Supreme crop – J’adore!

  5. To see an Asian model do so well in a season reflects the extent to which the industry is truly starting to change for the better…I can’t wait to see what lies in her future, besides UCOB and Akris!! Her look – body, beautiful face, and hair – all scream fashion with a touch of sweetness, no one can dislike her!

  6. J’ADORE Tao! English isnt very good, but who the hell cares..she’s brilliant looking and VERY sweet

  7. I seen her during Fashion Week NYC FW09/10…she was going up the stairs on the Bryant Park station and I tought no doubt about it this girl must be a model, the hair the height..and then I found her on TFS.

  8. Top 10 Nasty Commenter contest

    and the winner is…… trumancapote!!

    what does it feel like to win that category again and again?

  9. L O V E TAO!!

    Yeah, trumancapote is winner for nasty commenter.

    That’s nothing new.

  10. i dont like her for some reason, maybe its just on the runway that i dont though

  11. this needs to spread into male modeling!
    We want more Asian male models..white, black..getting boring!

  12. Peter,
    This is her breakout season.. To the blue chip clients she is a newcomer, especially with that hairstyle.


  13. L O V E TAO!….i think that could be a cool name 4 a brand!!Go Tao finally a really NEW FACE!!!!!!…..

  14. She did about 50 shows this season if I’m not mistaken. She’s amazing. Such a cute little pixie.

  15. lets do better comment for better pix/model…)
    there are models like Ginta Lapina (wich moved form MC2 to Woman that says alot about agency power ) who did YSL Miumiu Proenza Dolce and more and she s not been named among the new comers…i dont even like her but i think s a good deal for new girl…anohter model instead form Trump Yulia Lobova she only did Jil Sander i guess but she s absolutley amazing ( i shot a cover with her in person insane plus a real pro) s very disappointing to see here alwasy same face and name or just same kind of models or talents..

  16. amazing Tao…I saw her one year and half ago during a catwalk for Anteprima in Milan…not really a newcomer but a girl that has built her professinality and image day by day

  17. Can we PLEASE get some hispanics in the industry?
    All you ever see is asians, blacks, and whites.
    I’m hispanic and get turned down alot because i’m not white or whatever.
    We need to break down those walls, man!
    Hispanics are very miss-represented thanks to that whole ‘immigrant’ thing.
    I thought america was passed that…

  18. Her name is not Tao OKOMOTO, but Tao OKAMOTO.
    It is a complete misspelling we for Japanese though it might be a trifling thing.

  19. I adore her! You just cant do anything but love Tao. She´s so unique and beautiful in the same time that it´s no wonder that she´s getting on higher and higher position in fashion industry. GO TAO!

  20. I prefer Liu Wen, she’s so attractive on the runway, I think she will do a good job.

  21. I think she has really unique look n stands up from blond crowd. You rock TAO:)!!!

  22. The first Japanese girl I seen on the runway. hope she goes well, and keep her ground at the same time.

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