Meet Mikus

Mikus Lasmanis. Pic MDC

As the newest face in the already controversial Meisel shot CK Jeans commercial (he’s the one lying on the floor in the print ad), Latvian model Mikus is primed as a face to watch. OTM met him in December and we were utterly charmed by his disarming sweetness. See video below.

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  1. His english is perfect and I Love his smile! Thank you so much for interviewing him Betty! Will there be a part 2 of the interview?

  2. hes so cute ^^

    im guessing hes really young

    but yes looking forward to him :D

  3. beyond this model to be pretty, has a good expression and he was not shy ahead of the camera. Congratulations for it. it has great success in this career.

  4. What an awesome face. Flawless. And you’re right about the sweetness–it really comes through in that interview.

  5. Ania,

    On the contrary, I found him very engaging, relaxed and from the 10 minutes I talked to him, fairly well spoken. I don’t get why you don’t think he’s bright. He’s a teenager and I didn’t exactly ask him the toughest questions..

    I’m not sure how old you are, but you need to cut these young models some slack. I would totally have come across as idiotic on camera out of sheer fright, when I was 18 years old.


  6. Betty, why you didnt answer me? Because my english is terrible? its strange that Isabeli is out of the ranking and i would like to know why. Merci

  7. Daniel,
    No, not that your English is terrible, my answer is not a quick one, I can’t just post an answer like that quickly.

    Basically, Isabeli is off the top 50 because top 50 is for the newest girls in the industry, girls within the last 3 or so years.. She’s been in the business for so long and achieved so much that she’s in the transition to move over to the Icon list. Depending on this season and next (campaign wise), she is a definite contender for Icons.

    Now let’s get back to the original post and give Mikus his due!


  8. I loooooovvvvvvveeeeee Mikus.
    He is 20 years old
    He is so nice, he is not stuck on himself like most of the male (crap shhh*t) models out here [that shall remain nameless.]
    I hope he make it big. <

  9. finaly!!!!thank you. Maybe you should write a post to explain that. she has a lot of fans. but thank you, anyway.

    Oh, i have one word about Mikus: Fantastic


  10. ahhh He’s really cute and seems like a nice person:)!
    Now I want to go all those Baltic countries more

  11. Not bright?

    He knows the population of Latvia vs. NY state. He can compare modern dance to basketball. He knows the difference between polite conversation and choppin it up with your buds.

    His charm will get him lots of castings. Go Mikus!

  12. I thought he gave a great interview and he speaks English very well. He was also really charming and looked comfortable on camera…which is tough to do!

  13. What a delightful young man. A beautiful face with those Eastern European features. He is a gem. I hope I can work with him sometime.

  14. His english is amazing! I hardley could tell a difference. He is so charming! He was great infront of the camera! I cant get over him! He is going to do very well!

  15. And, btw, when i looked at those pics, I thought he’s kinda cold, I mean, a lil bit frosty, but after saw this video, he’s a total cute boy! Just like chocolate milk!!!! :)

  16. Haha, he may look really sweet and innocent but he is, well was, real heartbreaker in Latvia.. :)

  17. feels like warm sunshine in late Winter.
    weder kalt,noch heiß.

  18. Good evening Betty!
    How are you?

    Just two questions: Is Mikus married?

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