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In the 80’s there was Brooke Shields who famously declared that nothing came between me and my Calvins. In the 90’s the infamous photo shoot in the basement took place that had conservative Christians crying child pornography. Sandwiched in between were iconic underwear images of Tom Hintnaus, Marky Mark and an English new face named Kate Moss. If there is one thing that Calvin Klein can do is create a buzz that millions of advertising dollars cannot buy. The current commercial for CK Jeans shot by Steven Meisel is already banned in the US (joining last year’s Calvin’s Eva Mendes fronted Obsession fragrance). This is the first CK Jeans commercial since Brooke’s and it doesn’t disappoint. WWD has the uncensored preview here and steamy it most certainly is. The models spotted rolling around and appearing in the provocative print ads are some of the industry’s hottest stars and freshest new faces including Anna Jagodzinska, Anna Selezneva, Natasha Poly, Edita Vilkeviciute, Danny Schwarz, Vladimir Ivanov, Carson Parker and new face Mikus Lasmanis.

Ph: Meisel for CK Jeans S/S 09.

  1. I have always been a very big fan of Calvin Klein’s ads.
    …but a threesome, this is what is risque?

  2. Can we americans please stop being so hypocritical? The disturbing part is that its banned in the USA where people rather buy gossip magazines with thong wearing, topless, tanning celebs. Lets get real people! No offense but the ad looks to me like CK is trying too hard, its very posy and unnatural.

  3. im not a prude, but i dont need this kinds of gimmick to buy a good pair of jeans, enough already its bordering on pornography!

  4. this is not bordering pornography (more like some touching here and there), but i agree with the above said “CK is trying too hard, its very posy and unnatural.”

    there are better ways to sell sexuality, for sure

  5. These lovely models still have their clothes on so that’s certainly NOT pornography but PURE DESIRE which is not the same AT ALL!

  6. I’m surprised at some of the negative reactions going throughout this thread. Perhaps I’m the only one who remembers the good old days of Tom Ford for Gucci and fashion’s late 90s fascination with overt sexuality but for me personally this sort of thing is a welcome throwback. Things have gotten so tame and stale lately. How many times can we really see the very safe, staid and almost frustratingly repressed glamour of the 1950s? Sometimes I just get tired of even typing the word “classic” but it’s everywhere to the point of madness.

    Fashion has been so sexless and androgynous lately – everything from the clothes to the editorials and campaigns. I’m happy to see sex return – more than happy. Granted this is very overt and almost courting controversy but I think the slightly grainy porno-chic vibe works especially in light of the old CK campaigns and the new commercial.

    But that’s just me. Maybe I’m just a big ol’ perv but I love this.

  7. i like to see sex too lol xD

    but i don’t know….it looks weird..alittle..i agree with the posy i mean im no expert but if your gonna go sexual and all

    make it sexual and make the watcher get hot and sweaty you know what i mean? they look too posy and and not really like “yes let do it” type of thing

    but then again its banned so…

    the model are nice don’t get me wrong

    but i love the picture with danny and edita i thought it was perfect and it wasnt overly sexual at all :]

  8. My first impression was (just this picture): “too hard and too posy” both a bit exaggerated. Like teenies trying playing hardcore adults (perhaps except Anna who is managing her “part” good).

    Janelles statement is convincing, though. I am fed up with the word “classic” refering to so many campaigns in the last years. CK’s retro is very refreshing.

    But still, RockDaWang quotation is not completety false (“CK is trying too hard, its very posy and unnatural.”). There is something in this picture reflecting his or her words. Maybe the boys are not convincing as they should be.

  9. Somehow it’s similar to the dogging ed from V both show this posed, cold, artificial sexuality. But I really like it 😉

  10. exactly a soft version of the “doggie” editorial feautured on V…S ANYWAY EVER GONNA STOP THE MEISEL MAFIA??

  11. I loved when Tom Ford was head designer of Gucci! I remember one specific ad featuring a woman´s vagina bikini waxed in a G shape! Very Gucci!
    Extremely sexy!

  12. I find this a little bit gross actually. Maybe i am a bit of a prude, but you can be extremely sexual and suggestive without being so overtly sexual in such a cheap and tacky manner.

  13. It really doesn’t matter what that brand does. It will be as irrelevant as ever. It’s amazing that they keep trying. Nothing lasts forever, and their time ended more than a decade ago.

  14. Love, comfort, warmth, youthful sensuality and togetherness in a world of uncertainty and change.
    This campaign is going to sell a lot of jeans.
    Go Meisel.

  15. I love the other images in this campaign.. very CK and very sexy..
    I agree with Old Lady Skinny Lady on this one.. thats what i get from the images.

  16. i like the idea
    but i think the position of the girl is weird.. it makes her look too skinny and she gets lost in the pic… and then the guy looks like a girl… i dunno im confused it should have been closer or a dif angle…

  17. I made some research for older CK ads. I found this two with the supermodel Josie Borain from the Calvin Klein Obsession ad from 1985 and one another pour hommmes.

    They are quite different comparing to the nowadays ads. With so much poetry, desire intelligence, passion and sensuality, I completely felt in love with it. Josie Borain is so amazing in her unassuming way.



  18. I saw some other pics from the same ad and they were actually beautiful, the models look great… Better than what I saw on this page…

  19. I found a very old CK commercial from 1985 with the amazing supermodel Josie Borain in it. I could not believe that there were tv ads with so much passion, symbols, intelligence and mistery.

    David Lynch (Twin Peaks) created this clip. Quite different comparing to the recent commercials. I really like it.


  20. I found a very old CK commercial from 1985 with the amazing supermodel Josie Borain in it. I could not believe that there were tv ads with so much passion, symbols, intelligence and mistery.

    David Lynch (Twin Peaks) created this clip. Quite different comparing to the recent commercials. I really like it.

    You can see it in the most popular site for clips if you write “1985 – Calvin Klein’s Obsession”

  21. love it and that steven meisel is so hott too. calvin klein i love em jeans wow .,what the hel is the ban for come on this ad is hott.we love it its hot like my island home of jamaica

  22. What are you selling? Don’t your jeans look good enough by themselves? I always question the quality of something that needs sex, which is unrelated to the product, to make it desireable.

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