The Girls from Brazil

Brazil, how do we love you? Let us count the ways. From Raquel to Flavia, Aline and so many more the girls of Brazil have always brought something special to the catwalks. In addition to being among the most familiar faces in the industry they also manage to be some of the hardest working and most personable. Backstage at Sao Paulo fashion week our friends at Made In Brazil caught up with some of your favorite faces just for MDC. One thing is certain, everything you’ve ever heard about Brazilian hospitality is true!

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  1. Poor Bruna T. has been working hard, she deserves everything she has and more..and all of the girls were beautiful

  2. Yeah, brazil have the best girls for modeling
    The bests , I thing like Raquel Zimermann.
    Viviane Orth (she really looks like Raquel), Bruna Tenorio and Daiane Conterato. The “trio” power brazilian girls … and we are wainting for Feb Vogue Cover with Daiane, Viviane and Bruna…

  3. Of course…I agre Jan. Viviane Orth is the new Raquel Zimmerman, and the “trio” girls Daiane, Viviane and Bruna have the power.

  4. The brazilian models are recognizable everywhere they go! And im proud to be born in a country who exported such talented beauties like Gisele Zelauy, Gisele Bündchen, Dalma Callado and so many others!
    Thanks Juliano from madeinbrazil for such a nice video!

  5. Amazing Amazing!
    The best ones, catwalk power and beuty! I love when I listen about brazilians, They are the best!!!, Unique !!!
    I love Raquel Zimmermann and Vivienne Orth – chic girls – and I love Daiane C. too, and Flavia, Bruna….oh my God!!!

  6. hello guys!my name is renata I FROM Brazil, I love this is website is very nice.

  7. why are most of the models white? a country consisting of predominantly brazilians of color with a fashion show full of blonde women…? they’re all of german descendancy hailing from southern brazil that’s become a mainstay german/european immigrants.

    what’s being represented in this fashion show are brazilians or brazilian fashion, it’s what model agencies find ‘beautiful.’ and yes, once again, they’ve resorted to the anglo. when are we going to move beyond this?

    i’m so over straight noses, blonde hair, and stick-ly figures.

  8. why we have to love everybody…this business works around negative comments

  9. Bruna is from the northeast of the country. She has portuguese and american native heritage. That’s way she has this asian like features.

  10. I very much agree with ‘writerandahalf’, it is really annoying to see the lack of non-caucasian Brazilian models. I happened to watch some Brazilian fashion shows and sure enough it was an all-white situation on those runways. A Brazilian stylist once was very upset with me when I tried to discuss the lack of diversity in the fashion industry in Brasil. He immediately started screaming that they were NOT and never will be, a part of Africa!! Well of course not, but I would guess neither a part of Bavaria…………

  11. The brazilian models are just the best! Look that girls! And you guys are so stupid, you have to study hard, you know…study! Do u really know what this mean? lol more than 60% are caucasian! Brazilian people are made of all parts of the world people. Portuguese, italian, spanish, germany, japanese, africa, england, etc…! That is the reason why they are so nice! The mix! But predominantly brazilian people are caucasian. You can google it. lol. Right, now you go study and see that the Brazil’s capital is not Sao Paulo. Haha. xxxx

  12. Isn’t Rio the capital of Brazil? It would efinately leave me torn between Sao Paulo Fashion Week, or Carnival.

  13. NOO, BRALISIA IS THE CAPITAL, not rio neither sp! it’s not a economic center, only politics! and was projected fot thar! guess you can say it’s like washington,

    and brazil is not predominantly of color, as said. portuguese men had sons with native and black women coming from africa for compulsory work. those two new races mixed. after that came europeans, and asians. germanic routs are oftenm emphasized in braziliam because they are rare. take brazilian body estructure and skin color, and add germanic eyes and hair, how can it not be sucessful? someone like this is NOT half brazilian and half germanic, but only brazilian since there’s no pure brazilian race.

    brazilian models are EXACTLY what people here are, every model has diferent roots and shows exactly what brazil is about!!

    you are wrong when u say they are taking girls what is more european/american looking, every girl in brasil has their roots in your face,


  14. Nice, i am greek australian and have spent 1 year in most of brasil travelling, i have seen and been lol with afew br woman, and i must say, they are sexy woman, inside and out. some much more beautiful than what is in this vid.

  15. People blond or black or brown or mestizo or Amerindian descent exist in all parts of Brazil, it is clear that there is a predominance of some races in some regions of Brazil due to colonization.

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