Unveiling Ash

Ash/Models 1. Pols courtesy of Models 1.

Ash Stymest, the 17 year old British sensation not only has his first cover, Vogue Hommes Japan shot by Hedi Slimane; the young drummer and skateboarder was one of the few young men to walk Balenciaga last Tuesday. Another übercool Brit is amongst us!

Ph: Hedi Slimane for Vogue Hommes Japan, editor: Nicola Formichetti.

  1. It seems like the fashion industry is becoming more accepting of tattoos and piercings. A while ago, a tattoo usually meant not being able to find much work, but I think this new wave of tattooed and pierced gorgeous guys is refreshing.

  2. He has a good number of tattoes. Wonder if he has a NY agency, if it’s Red Models. They seem to be quite open to guys with body art. Predictions!!! Predictions???

  3. he is not going anywhere yet. he is still too young for traveling.
    he is beautiful boy.london is the best place to discover amazing young boys.

  4. i love him,
    i think he’s really young loooking with a punky side too him..

    i think hes beautiful.
    anyone got his number? haha

  5. im very proud of him. i actuly know him through a friend.
    ive got his number ;) ha

  6. knew him wuìith the dazed & confused cover.
    such a pretty boy!
    hope he becomes more popular!
    kixx from Rome!

  7. he’s beautiful. i want him :( #aloneinamerica someone gimme his # and when i go to england i can marry him and love him forever <3 ;)

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