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Temperatures may be dipping, but in the land of Victoria’s Secret it is always summer. MDC popped into the VS Swimwear launch to check out the megabrand’s offerings for the season and while we were there, we spotted more than a our fair share of itsy, bitsy, teeny weenie embellished to the hilt options for beach bombshells. So many in fact that they’ve been sorted and cataloged in their own mix & match app – who knew looking sexy had gotten so high tech? Naturally, our favorite Angel Candice Swanepoel was on hand that day for a chat; check out our Q&A with the South African beauty on shooting in the tropics, her favorite beach destinations and how her fans keep her spirits up.

MDC: Tell us a bit about the VS shoot – what was that like?

CANDICE: We shot it in Turks and Caicos and that is one of my favorite destinations, the water is so still, the sand is perfectly white, We stayed in an amazing hotel and I know Russell James who shoots a lot for us. He’s like my photographer dad, we’ve been working together for so many years that it is such a comfortable environment. We just play and blast the music – it is always great.

MDC: I know Brazil is one of your favorite places on the planet, but what do you like to do when you’re there?

CANDICE: Everything! I’m just inspired by life when I go there, the food is amazing, the attitudes of the people is amazing and the beach lifestyle. It is really inspiring to me, I go out a lot we spend most of the time on the beaches. I actually have a car down there and we travel, my boyfriend and I. He’s Brazilian as well. I love traveling on my own time, just exploring new places and feeling that freedom.

MDC: It feels like there are almost a million different options in the VS Swimwear collection and I know you get to see them all first! What are your personal favorite pieces?

CANDICE: There are so many and so different! I have to say that for me the Gorgeous collection – one of VS’s best selling bras last year and now it is a bikini. For women who don’t have big boobs, it is really nice to have that extra pushup on the beach. If you’re feeling insecure about it, it is the perfect fix. One of the swimsuits that I love it is just this bright yellow and I was wearing it in the catalog. When I shot the photo I thought “I’ve got to get this for myself.” I really want to mix it up this year, they’ve got these great animal prints mixed with jungle prints and with the color

MDC: I know you’re big on social media – what is it like to connect with your fans in that way?

CANDICE: When I read Twitter when people say that I inspire them it is strange for me but I’m so flattered. I’m just doing my job the best way that I can and trying to be a good person as well. There’s so much speculation and sometimes people choose to say hurtful things, but I try not to dwell on that. I’m just thankful for those people who are supportive to me – they brighten my day. If I’m feeling sad I go on Twitter and I see these sweet messages. I would love to reply to everyone, but once you start you can’t be there all day replying to people and I don’t want to leave anyone out. I just want to say thank you to them for the support, it really does help me so much.

A look at the oh so sexy cover of the swim catalog.

A touch of pink coral – VS doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to pink accents.

Mix and match bikinis covered every surface of the Gansvoort Park penthouse.

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