Top 10 Newcomers FW 12: Lina

Lina Zhang. Digital courtesy of Fusion

There are those that think the recent surge in Chinese models is a fad but the smart money is on the idea that there is another flank of cool new girls streaming out of that vital market. Take the FW 12 performance of Fusion’s Lina who exploded this season walking Vuitton, YSL, Celine, Lanvin, Dolce and  Ralph Lauren. Which is to say the “expensive” ridge of clients took a shine to this newcomer and that fact is set to serve Lina very well in the upcoming campaign and editorial sweepstakes.

  1. She reminds me of Hye Park.
    It’s good to have more diversity but I like Tian Yi more. I have a thing for cute asian models aka Xiao Wen Ju and Fei Fei Sun.

  2. she reminds me of lina zhang : )

    it’s even more amazing that she did so well in nyc considering she’s with an agency like fusion. imagine what her bookings would have been like if she was with img, dna or women?! hmm…

    and on a side note – who makes those silver jeans that she’s wearing?!

  3. I love this girl! She had an amazing season. @glunge I think regardless of the agency her show list speaks for itself. It’s actually kind of refreshing to see the result of success from a smaller agency. :) :)

  4. LOVE this girl!
    Such a unique beauty.
    Lina was everywhere! Doesn’t Fusion also have TianYi and Chrystal Copeland, too?

  5. Lina was one of my favorites from last season, along with Tian Yi, they’re both amazing! Obviously this agency is doing something right, they got my attention.

  6. Lina did such a good job this past fashion week. It saw her almost in every major show which is amazing for a mew model. I love the women’s board at fusion, great line-up. I cannot wait to see what they will show us next season.

  7. Fusion is doing better than ever. they even have vogue italia cover, girls opening major shows, etc… and tian and lina… so , c’mon.

  8. Could she step into Du Juans shoes…Don’t bet against it.That stare could hypnotise any man.Beautiful mouth and nose,shorter hair might suit better.Bright future.

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