Chilling with Petey

OTM sits down with VMAN cover model winner Petey Wright. Here Petey talks about his signature move in pro wrestling and shooting with Hedi Slimane. Very real and relaxed, Petey should be fielding some major blue chip options right about now.

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Petey’s favorite image from V Man shot by Hedi Slimane, styled by Nicola Formichetti. For more pics and the cover go to VMAN.

  1. hahahahaha
    we hope he’s gonna get some braces after his blue chip moments still to come!

    but thats an outgoing guy Mr Petey!
    i just got my VMan and the photos look amazing!
    Good job by Hedi Slimane!

  2. you can feel how Pete is young but how comfortable he is about himself and his attitude makes him look so attractive…I like him!

  3. bad teeth are actually awesome
    I don’t think I’d like him as much if his teeth didn’t suck, they give him some personality. Not that he doesn’t have it already.

  4. he reminds me of like 1940ish schoolboy gone 2008 undergroundish and also like a little cute pet gerbil
    the v shot really captured his angles

  5. where did petey go to school? is he originally from nashville? does he still wrestle? if so where?

  6. He wrestles at Stadium Inn in downtown Nashville by the Coliseum. Crazy huh!

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