Modelstyle: Travis Davenport


Travis/Major Model Management. Photo: MDC.

Modelstyle: Our favorite models with style

Model: Travis Davenport

Wearing: A white t-shirt that I painted; G Star jeans that I’ve worn the hell out of (I fell off of a skateboard in Amsterdam and busted this hole in it). Sneakers are Elements. Hat: a shout out to the Goorin Brothers. They make awesome hats, they’re based in San Franciso and are 3rd generation haberdashers. Sunglasses- Carlo Pignatelli. I always wear a watch, this one is by Nixon, which is a surf/watch company. Belt- I found on the floor of my bedroom 10 years ago. Skateboard is Surf One’s Robert August.

Where: The middle of the Williamsburg bridge

Why: Look around! Come up here, you’ll know why! Bring a skateboard.

Video: Travis in action

  1. He seems he enjoy it very much. But, in the end, he suppose to
    make strike pose there. But, the biker ruin it!

  2. Some people would say the biker ruined it. I actually thought it
    was kind of cool that Travis was able to stop on a dime like that.

    Though I’m glad for his agent’s sake that nothing serious
    happened :)


  3. Oh forgot to tell everyone, Travis normally wears a helmet but
    for the purposes of this profile, he wore his Goorin hat.

    Travis and I support helmets!

    Betty (a helmet wearer)

  4. Travis is a pro, I have no worries;he has a good head on his shoulders

  5. hey this is brad b. from boerne.. just thought i would say hi..keep up the good work!

  6. Hey Travis…. Great skateboarding…. the students here at the HUB will be impressed!!! Ha.
    And that grin at the end of the video sure looked like Brian!!! See you when you come for a
    visit at the HUB!

  7. aw travis! been awhile but looks like your doin good. just missing your garbage man gloves!

  8. Isn’t Travis the cutest thing ever? He’s so pretty and nice, i could just cuddle him until he suffocates!!

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