Twin Peeks

Travis and Troy/Wilhelmina New York. Ph: from Wilhelmina

Here’s a peek at Wilhelmina’s new twin sensations, Travis and Troy. As their agent says “Very old school Versace models”. We totally imagine them hoisting some female supermodels on their oh so broad shoulders. They’ll be back in NY in time for shows.

Travis and Troy

  1. versace school. definetley.
    what is with the twins, first lazic twins(elite i think), now “versace” twins…

  2. I love their look but then again I’m a Versace junkie. They should do very well in Milan and at quite a few shows in Paris.

  3. I dig the long, wild, crazy hair. Also I like the manly facial features like the eyebrows and lips, Also like the big hazel eyes, they’re a hit..

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