Native Son S/S 12

The lineup for Native Son S/S 12. Images by Christian Rios for

For Spring 2012, Native Son designer Kyle Fitzgibbons drew a parallel between the Dust Bowl and our current Great Recession. Evoking a ’30s silhouette, Fitzgibbons cut some of his suits looser than usual, all the while maintaining the sharp eye and knack for tailoring that have made his name. Spots of black and white made two-tone blazers and jackets pop amid a sombre, dusty palette, and the new sportswear styles were fresh and youthful. Fitzgibbons explained that the collection was meant “not to pose the question of why, but what next,” and the clothes managed to be both historically evocative and progressive at the same time. Despite the period references, it was all about looking forward, not looking back.

Michael Elmquist

Jonathan Nielssen, Simon Van Meervenne

Alexander Johansson, Simon

Christian Larsson

Matthew Hitt, Erik Sage

Helge Gjerstad, Christian Plauche

Baptiste Radufe

Alexander Beck

Baptiste Radufe

Tommy Kristiansen

Baptiste, Christian L, Michael E

Erik, Aiden Andrews, Adrian Cardoso, Alexander B, Christian P

Matthew, Jakob Wiechmann

Victor Nylander, Christian L

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