Loden Dager S/S 12

Miles McMillan for Loden Dager S/S 12. Images by Dag Bengstrom for models.com

Loden Dager’s Spring 2012 outing was a riot of color, from the bright orange parka to the Op Art strips of blue fabric sewn casually onto a t-shirt, to the eye-popping neon old-school Nikes. There was something very fun and fresh about the collection, which was full of reminders of the ease and charm designers Oliver Helden and Paul Marlow are known for. Trousers had one leg rolled up, and shirts were only half-tucked, small styling details that added a touch of levity to the looks. Everything was very cool and sophisticated, perfect for the guy who knows exactly who he is, and isn’t afraid to take a little risk.

Designers: Paul Marlow and Oliver Helden
Stylist: Andreas Kokkino
Casting director: Edward Kim for House Casting

Francis Lane

Vincent LaCrocq

Joseph Turnbull

Nicolas Ripoll

Jamie Wise

Corey Baptiste

Miles Garber and Anthon Wellsjo

Simon Van Meervenne

The comfiest shoes

Fernando Cabral

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