Duckie Brown S/S 12

Victor Nylander in Duckie Brown S/S 12. All images by Julian Schratter for

The Duckie Brown duo toned it down, in a manner of speaking, for Spring 2012. In place of last year’s neon colors and animal prints, Steven Cox and Daniel Silver sent out surprisingly demure monochromatic looks and floral designs. But that’s not to say that they played it safeā€”one coat was made out of a stiff beeswax-coated cotton, while several pieces were just this side of see-through. If the shapes and cuts overall were more, shall we say, accessible, there were nonetheless plenty of reminders that these are two of the most daring designers working in New York today.

Malthe Lund Madsen

Soft for spring

Steven Cox, half of the design duo

Steven Cox and Daniel Silver, the dynamic duo behind Duckie Brown

Charlie Westerberg

Benoni Loos

Matt King

Joao Zavaski with no hood

Joao with hood

Johnny George

Victor Nylander

Clinton Weber

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