Robert Geller S/S 12

Charlie France for Robert Geller S/S 12. All photos by Julia Chesky for

Robert Geller’s Spring 2012 collection was a rather somber affair compared to the vibrant colors he sent out a year ago. Working with a palette of mostly neutrals and grays, Geller pulled together an eclectic group of references for a look that was instantly identifiable as his. Wide-brimmed hats capped off outfits that were soft and inviting, but had a distinguishing edge. The rich blues were nearly hypnotic, and the dark tones still managed to have a warmth to them. Mesh appeared as undershirts in most of the looks, and in scarves and sweaters as well, mirroring the chain-link fencing that ran straight down the middle of the runway. It was the perfect mix of darkness and light that Geller does so well.

Andre Feulner

The board

The hats

Taylor Fuchs

Matthew Hitt

Leonardo Windlin

Paul Boche

The back

Clement Chabernaud

Malthe Lund Madsen

Paris Nicholson

Christian Plauche

Lowell Tautchin

Pete Bolton


Sebastian Sauvé

The complete look

Tim Meiresone

Marcel Castenmiller

Linus Gustin

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