Hilary’s Spring 2012 Effect


Mein Gott! The abs on Miss Rhoda are  really a serious proposition. These new snaps from Women certainly telegraph the message that Hilary is  very ready for the bluest of those blue chip SS 12 runways.

  1. shes definitely lost some weight. she looks good in some of the shots but lacking in others

  2. AHHHHH!!! Please tell me she’s SS07 back and not just I’ll do two shows for every city back.

  3. Her face is perfection but she looks awfully thin. I prefer her a bit more shapely.

  4. she looks amazing! Very runway ready stats aswell . i’d love to see her doing loads of shows

  5. She looks fantastic! Good for you Hilary. I hope this is foreshadowing more of an editorial year for her. Be interesting to see what she can do.

  6. this season is gonna be exciting!
    apparently Lakshmi Menon, Cat McNeil and some others are coming back too

  7. She is now model-thin :) Thank you Women for reviving Hilary’s career, she’s really a great model.

  8. Got to agree with Babs… I still like Hilary’s look but I prefer her looking like a woman than revamped into a blank teenage new face.

    The best in that post is definitely Wayne’s “Mein Gott”. Two well-put words can steal the spotlights from an amazing model…

  9. would DIE if hilary had a legit runway comeback. i was glad to see her walk GIVENCHY last season! go women management!!!

  10. Hilary has been this same weight since Nov. 2010 and she still is curvy in a great way! Can’t wait to see her walk!

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