The Jade Jackson Effect.

Jade Jackson. Polaroid courtesy of 1 Mgmt

New Aussie in town Jade is kicking up quite the buzz since she started on her first round of go-sees in NYC. The back story on Ms Jackson is what makes her all the more striking (ex-student nurse turned model, how’s that for originality) and of course the personality is pure charm.

  1. I like her so far. Wish there were more photos. You never really can tell until you see someone face on to camera.

  2. I worked with this girl recently – her personality is contagious, her moves are beyond and to add to it she is absolutely stunning! Go get em Jade!

  3. blonde Mila jovovich??? mila jovovich never looked like this when she WAS blonde.

  4. please bring back the 90s then. i loveeed that era. much more beautiful!! and that ain’t just nostalgia.

  5. She is stunning, a young Linda Evangelista me thinks! And her personality is just as beautiful, we were housemates in London

  6. Timeless classic beauty. Like a 90’s supermodel but also quite modern. Exciting!