Coco & the Kids

Coco Rocha talks to Linda Vojtova.

Tuesday night, Fashion Week kicked off with a bang with the Fashion’s Night Out show in its new home at Lincoln Center, but the big party was downtown in the meatpacking district, where Coco Rocha hosted a fundraiser for LakayPAM, an organization dedicated to helping the children of Haiti. Surrounded by the street art works of Mr. Brainwash, the guests included Alessandra Ambrosio, Amber Rose and a multitude of Coco’s friends who showed up in support. Alessandra purchased one of the Aurélie Bidermann bracelets as the guests danced to music by guest DJ Harley Viera-Newton. Coco, looking late-summer-perfect in a peach jumpsuit, played the perfect hostess and talked guests into placing bids in the silent auction all while interviewing her friends for the cameras. She gushed about participating in the FNO show, saying, “My favorite part was that we had a thousand+ people who didn’t usually go to shows watching us. We were like rock stars!” But at the party, the focus was on Haiti and Coco talked about how important it is to help the country rebuild. “I don’t like to be just the face,” she said. “I want to be part of the cause.” (Story and images by Jonathan Shia)

Valentina Zeliaeva and friend


Alessandra and friends Fernanda and Carolina

  1. Great to see Coco, she really understands her role as a model, giving back something to the society. I still don’t get why she is not anymore in the top 50, she deserves to be there. Well maybe she’s not there becuase now she is not only a model and she is way more known (not only by people involved in fashion) I mean she recently had a billboard in Times Square with her name as starring, she opened and closed the FNO runway show, she had cover of ELLE UK with her name as starring.. sorry but some of the girls in the top 10 don’t get that kind of stuff.. i know that someday she’ll be on the icon’s list.

  2. the model next to alessandra, in the middle of the picture, there is no fernanda carolina, is INES RIVERO TOP MODEL ARGENTINA, TO SHINE IN THE 90, was one of the queens of Paris in the ’90s and was even the first Latin American model rather than the Brazilians, to be angel VS. Even appears in “devil with prada.” It is not a stranger to people who know. rude gesture by the publisher of the note ..
    the models in the picture: in order: FERNANDA MOTTA, INES RIVERO AND ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO.

  3. FERNANDA MOTTA E INES RIVERO, yet removed, deserves the privilege of not be underestimated. WERE precursors for many who came after all of Latin America

  4. It was written correctly when it was posted, I don’t understand why they removed Ines and put…Carolina???? nice to meet you carolina, but you don´t have anything to do here, INES RIVERO has!!!
    She should come back now that super sexy models from the 90’s are back. Best model from Argentina ever, even better than Valeria Mazza and Yamila, and above all unmistakable.

  5. The model in the middle of Fernanda Motta and Alessandra Ambrosio is 90’s mode Carolina Bittencourt, founder of the organization!!!
    Ines Rivero was NOT at the party.

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