That Meghan Momentum

Meghan Collison. Image courtesy of Next NY

Meghan Collison is certainly proving that there is longevity in her unique beauty these days!  You’ve seen her unmistakable visage as part of the FW 10 Balenciaga battalion, but brace yourself for another rush of A-list editorials for Miss Collison. A brilliant model is a rare proposition and this girl seems to know a hundred ways to engage the camera.

  1. Hmm, that’s why MDC keeping this girl in top 50 while she got barely any new editorials or ads. I guess the Balenciaga ad only the beginning of her resurgence then

  2. Im starting to like her look… shes someone who i remeber face wise..
    Im liking her!! alot now

  3. WOW she has become a woman and a beautiful lady at that very classic
    welcome back

  4. knocked my socks off. She is heart breakingly beautiful, from the red lips to the shag brown haircut and pale skin. Lovely! 10 out of 10 stars.

  5. She is one of my favorite models, i’ve been waiting for her to get some shine.

  6. Nice to see a girl from my hometown doing so well. Now to get fellow albertans Heather Marks and Lisa Cant back in the game!!! We are more then just a place to dig for oil…hahaha.

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