Magnificent Mariana

Mariana/Next Models NY Digital courtesy of Next NY

Clients are already buzzing about Mariana, the 17 year old newcomer at Next NY who represents a rare alignment of runway body, beauty contract face and sheer editorial presence. Brazil just won’t stop!

  1. Pretty, but looks like other models.. Thought of Mariana Weickert when I read “Mariana”, what happened to her career?? I think she’s still modeling in Brazil, but some years ago she was really hot, suddenly her career went cold.. it was too sudden, imo.

  2. OMG!!! I just saw her book on modelwire!!! This girl is incredible!!! She can be gorgeous in some pictures and very editorial and strong in others!!! I am sure she’ll be a star, first season. Love her!

  3. Carola — The model Mariana Weickert became hostess of tv here in Brazil

  4. Mariana Weickert is now a reporter for a weekly TV fashion show. She´s is doing great.

  5. She is really gorgeous! Without doubt, she will be successful in her career.

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