Shena: Full On Fabulous.

Shena Moulton: Digital courtesy of Muse Management

This 16 year Jamaican beauty rocked the Calvin Klein runway for two seasons in a row while nabbing bookings for Teen Vogue, Vogue Russia and Pop in between a very strict school schedule. Now Shena Moulton has touched down in NYC for her first full on season. Expect back to back blue chip requests – both editorial and runway-of the highest order.

  1. Go Shena…The SAINT International(Jamaica) family is very proud of you.. This next season you will be the MUSE for all season…Go rock it in New York,Milan,Paris and London…

  2. wow!!! great legs i love it, the catwalks of paris are calling her name.. goodluck!!!

  3. gorgeous!!! jamaica sure does produce them in abundance. Proud of u shena. Jamaica to the world!!

  4. WOW, she’s a stunner!!! Lots of Jamaican girls around right now. Keep up the great work at Saints International and Pulse Models Jamaica. You guys inspire me!

  5. damn those are legs for days shena we love you baby and remmber you will be the next naoimi campbell,i know calvin klien will be requesting you for many more runway shows.

  6. Shena is beautiful she has a tranquility and uniqueness to her face that makes her absolutely stunning, she is only 16 and seems to have accomplished what most models hope to do after a few years in the industry, good for her

  7. She is absolutely gorgeous! She has a wise, yet playful look about her that I am sure the industry will delightfully eat up. :) Keep the legs in check- they should be insured!

  8. I am in love with this newcomer! When i saw her in last season’s LV show she definitely caught my eye.Beautiful, skin, legs, body, youth! She has it all!

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