Gala Darling


Liu is all smiles as she prepares to be fitted for her dress.

The Costume Institute Gala is an unforgettable experience for all its attendees, but nothing compares to the thrill of going for the very first time. Newly appointed Estee Lauder spokesperson, Liu Wen made her first trip to the Met’s annual fest this year and the journey leading up to the party, was almost as eventful as the night itself. Finding the perfect look to stand out on the notoriously competitive red carpet is easier said than done; the creation of a Met-worthy look requires a whole team, and a little bit of trial and error. MDC followed Liu to star stylist Mary Alice Stephenson‘s studio, where she embarked on a fashion journey and found the ensemble that landed her on all those best dressed lists.


Mary Alice Stephenson tests a potential look on Liu


An array of stylish accessories to choose from


Liu shows off an incredible necklace


The perfect dress is chosen, a stunning flirty creation by Naeem Khan


A sea of sky high heels


The Naeem piece was chosen for its spectacular detailing

(Images: Janelle for

  1. Love the final shot of Liu, it’s rather poetic. The dress (evidently inspired by salwar kameez) itself is exquisite.

  2. wow this girl is on fire..landing big shows…new face of EL..and she looks so open and nice :)

  3. To Rayr:

    She IS sooo open and nice. Let that be a lesson to all those girls with “attitudes”, nice girls do finish first.


  4. Mary Alice Stephenson works her magic again – putting it all together!!!

  5. Mary Alice Stephenson is an amazing stylist. She is not afraid of taking risks in style and she pay attention to all the details.

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