Live from Coachella 2010

img_8631The scene at Coachella

Music is the first order of business at the Coachella but fashion has invaded the indie music festival: there are enough models, designers and fashionistas at this years fest to make a mini-fashion week.  Matt Holloway took the time out to share some of his from the field images especially for MDC; you’ll spot a few familiar fashion favorites, a lot of that cool laid back style the festival is becoming known for and even a movie star or two.


Agyness Deyn with Henry Holland | Frankie Rayder

coachella2Heather Marks | Alessandra Ambrosio


Alexander Wang and friends | Blogger Hanneli Mustaparta


Kate Bosworth and friend | Alexa Chung


Singer Imogen Heap | Even the crowd at Coachella is stylish!


Matty taking a break from shooting pictures

  1. love agy’s new haircut. Looks like alessandra didn’t get the memo re the dress code…

  2. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED in Agness’s hair .this hair kind of weird and uncharmed.oh god i miss her old hair style. Love alesssandra

  3. Alessandra really looks gorgeous. She is wearing one of our necklaces. HOWL Handle Only With
    Great pictures!! Hope you had fun.xo

  4. Agyness looks killer – she always looked best with a shorter crop.

    Alessandra Ambrosio flaunts a killer bod – good for her

    & Matty – Total Dreamboat <333

  5. I always have to do a double take when I see Alexander Wang, because I always think he’s a girl at first! :/

  6. i agree, i think agyness looked better with a pixie crop than the bob, but this is just silly. she looks nice in that pic but i’ve seen other pics of her with this buzz cut where she just looks a bit like a butch lesbian (which is fine, but not for a supermodel). or as one journalist put it, suggesting she was trying to compete with younger models by ‘looking like a 12 year old boy’. Just let it grow a little bit, into that beautiful gamine pixie cut that suited her so well, she is gorgeous! just not like this!

  7. Matty should be in front of the camera more often. I really liked Agy’s old structured bob from the Italia cover. Beautiful. But she’s always gorgeous, wonder how this new do will affect her acting prospects.

  8. agynes deyn – wow, i just thougt, how old is the picture – from 1991 or so? but no, its the new style, the great ancient early 90s come back. just love the look on her.

  9. Looked like a great time. I hope you enjoyed it…sure ya did!
    Quite a bevy of faces out there this year.

    Alessandra looks stunning…as if she could be anything but!
    Wonderful to see Frankie… missing her terribly.

    Currently purchasing a ticket to cruise the Rhine on the “Dreamboat” Matty. Who is he?? Or am I late…

  10. wow!!!! whether agyness deyn is blonde or brunette, pixie or bob, nor this kind of a very short kinda looking a femme boy…. she’s always unique and beautiful….

  11. Agyness’s new haircut surprised me a lot,but i still can’t help loving her because she’s always unique,cool,cute and no affectation.

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