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Julie with Lorenzo Martone from Arc NY. Ph: Janelle for

With a wardrobe that includes vintage Oleg Cassini, prime pieces from Chanel and a truly impressive collection of designer shoes, Julie Ordon is among the most fashionable models we’ve ever encountered. On top of being truly stylish and preternaturally beautiful, Miss Ordon is also an accomplished actress (she did her first film at just 18), a fearless model (ask her about working with live snakes) and a brand new mommy. MDC sits down with Julie to find out more about her impressive style, what it is like working alongside Hollywood royalty and just how it felt doing SI (the current issue) only weeks after having a baby.

MDC: How would you define your style?
JO: I like to change. I like to have a more hippie-ish style and then more bohemian, or more classic. I have an icon in Bridget Bardot, she was perfect in that era i love- the 60’s/70’s and she had that mix of classic and bohemian. She would wear a Chanel two piece and then go barefoot.

MDC: Where do you like to shop?
JO: I get to shop all over the world because I’m always traveling. In NY, I love a vintage space called the Antique Boutique, it has a lot of little shops with furniture, antique jewelry and vintage clothes. I like to mix vintage and newer stuff- I go to H&M and then go to Chanel.

MDC: Is there anywhere in Paris you like to go?
JO: There is a little vintage shop that I like to go to. I don’t know the name but it’s on la rue Francaise Premier and it has a lot of Chanel stuff and one of a kind things. I have a pair of black suspenders from the shows that never came out – one of my favorite pieces.

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Julie talks about being in Sports Illustrated right after giving birth (and about a snake named Carlos).

MDC: Are there other beauty items you enjoy using?
JO: Dr. Haushka lotions because they are very natural and rich, I like Maybelline make up also. They have a mineral blush and a plumping gloss that I use. I like to wear a little makeup but I never overdo it; just mascara, concealer and blush. The perfect blush always makes you look happy and beautiful.


Sports Illustrated 2010 by Riccardo Tinelli

MDC: What about a fragrance? Do you like perfume?
JO: I think a perfume is important because it can make you feel different, you have on an old t-shirt but perfume makes you feel elegant and fashionable. For me smell brings back a lot memories and think perfume is great for that. My favorite fragrance right now is probably Coco Mademoiselle.

MDC: I know you love Chanel, are there other designers you love to buy?
JO: Definitely. When I shop for vintage I look for classic YSL, he did so many amazing things. I like Fendi- it never goes out of fashion. Of course I love Christian Louboutin like every girl and I love Hermes- timeless.

MDC: You have size 6.5 feet. you must get the best shoes!
JO: It is great because it is the size of the sample, so those are always the ones that go on sale, they never run out!

MDC: You travel a lot for work, Are there places you love to visit?
JO: I fell in love with this place in India. It is around a lake -like a dream place, so gorgeous and the whole city reflects in the lake. Venice has that also, I like romantic places. I love Geneva as well,  I’m from there and it’s quiet, you can walk everywhere… great parks and restaurants…

MDC: What have been some of your favorite shoots?
JO: I love to work with Ellen von Unwerth, you get to play a character and act in front of the camera. The Chanel TV commercial is another one of my favorites, when you work for them they make you feel like such a princess. They have flowers in the room and candles, it’s so prestigious to work for them.


Chanel Le Rouge by Bettina Rheims

MDC: You have a new film coming out soon, can you tell us a bit about it?
JO: Yes, it’s called ‘Henry’s Crime’ and it stars Vera Farmiga, Keanu Reeves and James Caan, it has so many well known actors and they are all amazing. I play Anya in the movie, the daughter of Vera Farmiga. Vera isn’t old enough to be my mother but I can change my face very easily; for the part I transformed into a 16 year old girl.

MDC: How did you prepare for your roles?
JO: I did my first film when I was 18 in Switzerland, I think acting is something you have inside you. Every artist has it in them – you don’t teach somebody how to paint, you can learn techniques but you have to have it. You can get better of course but in some ways, either you have it or you don’t. Modeling definitely helps you get more comfortable in front of a camera but I think they’re completely different. On this project I had such a wonderful cast of actors surrounding me, working with talented people like Vera and Keanu makes it all so much easier.

Julie and daughter Mathilda by Patrik Shaw for Glamour March 2010.

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