Top 10 Newcomer FW 10: Samantha (IMG) (NEXT LA)


Samantha Gradoville Image courtesy of IMG NY

There are those who argue that the opening slot at Prada is no longer the sure star-making platform it used to be. But guess what… ignoring a Prada opener is incredibly  disingenuous when every agent in modeling would still give his left arm to see his girl in that spotlight. The girl in the spotlight this season is Samantha Gradoville, the 20 year old Nebraskan beauty who might be familiar to certain West Coast model watchers. The exciting thing about the presence Ms Gradoville brought to the Prada runway was that it was the frisson of a resolved young woman as opposed to an anonymous little girl. New decade, new model aesthetic at Prada? We fully expect Samantha to rock that platform to its maximum potential.

  1. Doesn’t get any better than this. Samantha is perfect. She’s going to blow up!

  2. She has similar facial features to Meghan Collison and Ali Stephens.
    She looks cool!

  3. she’s got a great body for clothes and for lingerie.
    commercially appealing face. relatively mature. quite humble.
    amazing walk.

    and she’s with img.

    if she can work the camera then we might have a long-distance runner here. her tests and early editorials are average so far – we shall see in a few months what else comes up.

  4. “But guess what…ignoring a Prada opener is incredibly disingenius when every agent in modeling would still give his left arm to see his girl in that spotlight.”

    Tell that to Katlin Aas’ agent. Where was she this season after opening just 2 seasons ago?

  5. that is the point EEEK, sure its true, every girl who opens Prada doesn’t become Sasha Pivovarova.. for each Suvi there is a Katlin (who for the record I don’t think her career is over..) or an Adina, but you can’t deny no matter how anyone belittles opening Prada.. that every agent/model wants that opening slot.

  6. I’m dying! Where did img find this girl?! she’s going to be the next big thing, mark my words.

  7. They do this every season, and say ”she’s new, she’s new” and make a big song and dance on how well the girl has done on her first season, when infact she’s far from new. I will say though that she’s beautiful in print, I just don’t think she translates well on the runway.

    [I’d appreciate it if you’d stop deleting my comments]

  8. Ahhh Sam! I knew her way back when. I always knew she would be a star. Congrats Sam! You deserve it!

  9. Who cares if she is new or not. It’s so dumb how the industry judges about how “new” a girl is. When the models should get even MORE respect when they have did their rounds and been working hard to get to the top. Go Sam!!! :)

  10. Even before the shows in Paris, Samantha is THE newcomer of this season! While it is reasonably arguable that in the past few seasons the booking for Prada has not been as exclusive as it had been in the previous seasons, in Samantha’s case it will very likely prove to be as important as it was for the former Prada superstars.
    Samantha has an advantage over the other new girls and newcomers, because she has been working steadily for a few seasons already, and both her career and her new success have been gradually developed, making her own image and path more secure than that of all the other new girls on the scene, who could easily get lost in the madness surrounding them after the show season.
    In addition, Samantha can easily make the transition to the more lucrative commercial bookings, securing her future both financially and creatively.

  11. I am so happy she is finally getting the recognition she deserves. She is down to earth and drop dead gorgeous! the perfect combination.

  12. @ SILVERANDGOLD No, I’m perfectly well sighted but thanks for your interest in my eye sight ! As I said for me she doesn’t come across as well on the runway as she does in print. The same can be said for many girls, Cato Van Ee for example in my opinion looks great in print, but on the runway she leaves a lot to be desired. Samantha’s look just doesn’t work for me , are you really telling me that the IMG image we see above bears any resemblance to the Samantha we’ve just seen at Prada? In print, she’s absolutely strikingly beautiful, on the runway I’d have to look twice to even take her under my notice.

  13. to eeek and others thinking that Katlin time is over:

    her mother agency as well as clients are doing everything to persuade her doing FW, but Katlin thinks that school and her private life at home is more important than all those Pradas…

    So don’t tell unless you know the real story =)

  14. she didnt do any other shows in milan

    she was a prada exclusive then right? :)

  15. Nexct LA
    IMG NY, London and Milano
    Major in Paris…

    Let’s see in what network she will end up……

    Weird combo I would say.

  16. We knew Samantha was going to go a long way when she was 13 at Nancy Bounds modeling agency in Omaha, Nebraska! Goodluck girlie your gonna blow up sooooo big very soon!!:)

  17. vow…….. what an eyes she has!!!!!

    Is there any special word to express her beauty??? if so then please tell guys….

  18. Shes gorgeous times 10 does any one else besides me smell a Victoria’s Secret Angel Contract for Samantha in the future??

  19. She have somting.. very cool end she cann be a new top model .. very good …

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