The Cool of Irina

Irina Lazareanu and close friend/collaborator Sean Lennon play a set for the lucky audience.

Irina Lazareanu certainly knows how to draw the crowd. The launch of the Corduroy Magazine Summer 2010 issue combined with an auction for Irina’s favorite charity KIVA, the non profit microfinance organization pulled in the coolest of the downtown fashion and modeling scene. The crowds battled waits of up to an hour but once inside settled in and enjoyed the festivities held at Milk Studios. (All photos: Marques N and Dom Smith for

(Check out KIVA and the all important work that they do).

Lindsey Wixson and friend.

Alexandra Agoston

We love designer Phillip Lim.

And Richard Chai too.

The downtown crowd.

Douglas Perrett from COACD.

Designer Katie Gallagher

Designer William Eadon.

The images up for auction.

  1. I know the flash is really bright, but did Lindsey have her gap fixed?!
    It’s barely noticeable!
    I’ll be so sad if she did, I thought it was precious..

  2. Wow, Lindsey looking like an actual happy, beautiful young lady, she should do that more often.

  3. can someone tell me what decade this is?? the first few pics threw me…. hardly recognized john’s #2

  4. Lindsay is so beautiful in this pic!! Her smile and eyes are so radiant, that is one lucky guy w/ her.

  5. wow i want to see more of Alexandra Agoston- she is incredible – i have been following her – stella jobs – where is she in the top 50??!!

  6. Miss B,

    Not true, if we are going to add in comments that are not positive, they have to have something relevant to add to the conversation. “Ugly, she looks like death, awful” is just bad negative energy and people can just take that elsewhere on the blogosphere. If on the other hand you say, “I’m not a fan of this, I feel like this editorial was done better in x magazine…. or… she’s not my favorite, I feel that she needs more practice in moving more fluidly in front of the camera..” , then we say ok, this moves the conversation forward.

    We are dealing with human beings and many people forget that. You should see some of the comments we don’t put up, comments that no one would EVER say to anyone in person but bec they feel they have the anonymity of the internet behind them, they can just spout negative garbage. Everyone we feature on here deserves to be respected.


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