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Anja Rubik chats with MDC.

Anja Rubik is one of fashion’s multi-faceted beauties. As a model she embodies the kind of easy going and elegant beauty clients like Gucci, Chloe and Armani adore but there is more to Ms. Rubik than just a pretty face. For the past few years she has also been an avid yoga practitioner, an interest that has lead to both inner calm and an intriguing new partnership. Following in the footsteps of high fashion yoga enthusiasts like Christy Turlington, Anja is now the face of the Nintendo’s Yoga for Wii game. The game provides an experience that allows users the chance to experience the benefits of a yoga studio right in their own home, an ideal invention for models on the go or for anyone else seeking the serenity and flexibility provided by yoga.

Given her personal experience with yoga – she calls it an “obsession” and her natural charm in front of the camera Anja was the perfect person to represent an art that is both timeless and modern. When asked about why she chose to be the face of this product at this moment her answer was simple “I can feel good promoting yoga because it is something I’m passionate about and truly believe in.”

The lovely Anja. Ph: Betty/MDC.

Image from the Wii Yoga website.

  1. I am sick of Janelle’s writing. So pretentious and a real ordeal to read. Where’s Wayne and Betty?? And i know she will delete this comment she always deletes comments

  2. Obviously Wayne and Betty are tired of dealing with people like you, “ugh.” If you are having issues reading Janelle’s prose then perhaps it’s time to retreat back to something more amateur.

    Anyway, Anja is a gem within the industry and deserves everything that she has accomplished!

  3. Love Anja. Her longevity speaks to her professionalism. She really does deserve all that she’s accomplished:)

  4. Wow, who knew a nintendo image could look so beautiful, I think that’s incredible to see her doing something somewhat extra curricular. it seems as though it’s been so long since we saw models as actual people who may possibly have their own influence. Refreshing is the word.

    Ugh, why don’t you take your misery elsewhere? Last time I checked nobody was enforcing some law that made it mandatory for you to even look at this website, much less read the interesting articles provided by it’s authors.

  5. I just read the article that Janelle wrote on the Anja Rubik Yoga story. I don’t know too much about Janelle work. But, I thought it was well written.

    To Ugh,
    I don’t know about your level of education. But assuming you are an adult and you found that the story was a real ordeal to read, maybe you need to pick up more books preferable for a 13 year old or older.
    Anja Is a fantastic example of what a real model represents in this business.

  6. The writing of this article is exquisite. In the words of Ms. Spears, I say “gimme gimme more.”

  7. Anja is an incredible model, and the coolest thing about her is that she looks like a very happy, complete person, that shows in all of her photographs.

  8. I’m pretty shocked about the comment on Janelle’s writing and believe me it’s not good to be that shocked at breakfast time…
    I do agree this might not be Janelle’s very best piece (she obviously wrote some little jewels and a couple of true masterpieces in her model-writer’s career) but I don’t see the point in attacking her words in such a harsh way.

    I just went from a famous forum where someone was complaining about Wayne’s words (blue chip & co.) so, I’m a little surprised to read Janelle’s writing is painful while I find it much more harmonious, less repetitive and in the end more efficient. No offense to Wayne but his writing on another site is always much better than what he does here… Well, to each his own.

  9. Yoga this is perfect. U can heal yourself only by gimnastics))) inside and outside

  10. Ugh, Regarding the writing… give her a break. I mean, it’s a blog!

    And for a fashion blog you shouldn’t be surprised that it’s a little pretentious. I do agree, It is somewhat tiring to read the constant gushing about how everything (about their subject) is so fabulous, but it’s a little better than the cringe induced every time Wayne would end a statement with “No?”

    They were pretty successful in embellishing the simple fact that Anja works out (shocker) and is the face of what is essentially a workout video game. Yeah, we all know yoga is super trendy, so it’s much cooler than simply hitting the gym. But it’s still a shocker that a snobbish fashion agency would allow one for their top girls to do a non-fashion/beauty job. My guess is that it’s because of the economy. And the agency just figured they could spin it into an “Anja is so spiritual” story. it’s not a cause, it’s a paycheck.

    Let’s be real.

  11. To Mark

    The reason i said i disliked Janelles writing was NOT because it’s of a poor standard but she’s writing about models posing around- she always makes it sound as if they’re deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize or something and it just annoys me

    and you are wrong to assume i’m an adult

  12. I understand this even if I don’t agree at all but as I said in my previous comment: to each his own. So, I’m not going to argue with this point of view and just complete with mine…

    I don’t think models deserve any Nobel Prize as well but I don’t see anything which sounds like they deserve it when I read Janelle’s posts here. I just consider models as artists playing their own roles in the creative process of editorials or pictures in general and I’m more than happy to be able to read reviews that also focus on this – if you read opera, theatre or ballet reviews it’s the same and still nobody deserves any Nobel.

    Actually that’s the reason why I actually READ now instead of just passing by to check the latest news. It used to be the “Nasdaq of the modelling industry” (as stated somewhere on the site) and that was it. I know some readers like this approach and totally respect it.
    But now I consider as a newspaper about models and the most interesting part to me is the point of the writer.

  13. Do you know at this very moment you are surrounded by eternity? And do you know that you can use that eternity if you so desire?

  14. Anja is one of the best models out there, I’m so glad to see her on the cover of anything, especially a Wii game. Also, I love Janelle’s writing, its a breath of fresh air when compared to all the other nonsensical blogs out there.

  15. As an editor, I was bothered by the glaring punctuation errors (its/it’s confusion, missing dash, lack of commas, etc.). There are so many, I had a hard time focusing on what the author was trying to say. Plus, entire words are missing. It’s not necessarily the writer’s fault if she is assuming an editor is glancing over her entires before they are published on the site.

  16. To doubleugh

    Not sure what you are saying about the “glaring punctation errors”. I don’t see any. Though you may be an editor yourself, I do see that you actually don’t edit your own “entires”.

    I just reread it and it seems completely straightforward to me so if you had a hard time focusing on this very simple post, you might have been just distracted by other things.


  17. Oooww! Go Betty!

    Anja actually is one of the best in the business. She carries herself like a true lady and dresses accordingly. Class, grace, beauty, brains and talent!

  18. I wonder how much she got paid for this? Does anybody know or have an idea?

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