Anja’s Nirvana


Anja Rubik chats with MDC.

Anja Rubik is one of fashion’s multi-faceted beauties. As a model she embodies the kind of easy going and elegant beauty clients like Gucci, Chloe and Armani adore but there is more to Ms. Rubik than just a pretty face. For the past few years she has also been an avid yoga practitioner, an interest that has lead to both inner calm and an intriguing new partnership. Following in the footsteps of high fashion yoga enthusiasts like Christy Turlington, Anja is now the face of the Nintendo’s Yoga for Wii game. The game provides an experience that allows users the chance to experience the benefits of a yoga studio right in their own home, an ideal invention for models on the go or for anyone else seeking the serenity and flexibility provided by yoga.

Given her personal experience with yoga – she calls it an “obsession” and her natural charm in front of the camera Anja was the perfect person to represent an art that is both timeless and modern. When asked about why she chose to be the face of this product at this moment her answer was simple “I can feel good promoting yoga because it is something I’m passionate about and truly believe in.”

The lovely Anja. Ph: Betty/MDC.

Image from the Wii Yoga website.

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