1. maria carla looks amazing. where in the US can i buy the mag other than in NY?

  2. Really cool pictures.
    Row if you dont find it anywhere,you can ever find every magazine on EBAY (look worldwide)

  3. Terry Richardson is cheap, he should of work in porn industry not high fashion, last pic so cheap he could go shoot straight in to her ass why even bother to put those pants on, not classy at all

  4. I DIED!!!
    Mariacarla is ULTRA MEGA FIERCE!!!
    No one can top her! :-)

    I don’t wanna be with her when I’m on the road.

  5. SHE IS ENDLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Incredible photography in that preview!

    Maria isn’t going anywhere! And rightly so.
    She is a true bad ass. The Italian oozes out of her and gosh is it ever such a spectacle!

  7. Yep. The girl is a diamond. (Diamonds are forever. :-)) Absolute love, so fierce that Mariacarla.. And for anyone who has never seen her walk………………….BREATHTAKING, UBER-AWESOME!!!!! My handsdown-catwalk fav in the last 5 years. Good luck to u Mariacarla during MilanFW.

  8. Why is Terry Richardson working so much ? The shot where Maria Carla is spreading her ass cheeks is going way too far . There is a way to do nudity ,as Kacper Kasprzyk demonstrates in his photographs . Classic ,beautiful and celebrating a woman’s body . Terry Richardson’s photographs are nothing of the sort

  9. Maria Carla is the epitome of coolness.
    When she hits the runaway with her fierce walk one just can´t stop looking to her.
    Love love her.

  10. I just saw the Prada show on line aline
    SHE WAS THE BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. she is the only one, who survived at the runway without taking any breaks. from the 1998s until now, she is still there walking and making campaigns.

    is there any model, who have managed this? no one. she should be in the guiness book. she is 30 but nothing has changed. she still on the top like she was more then 10 years ago!

  12. Which is why she’s the italian ICON!!!
    She is simply the best..
    The fashion industry loves her,
    fierce walk, brimming with personality.
    She really is one of a kind.

  13. Maria s on of the few stars in this boring business made by headless poeple…n she totally surive to the porn Richardson style as very few can..what else to see.. we love u Maria

  14. mariacarla is an icon!
    she can be quirky, sexy, sophisticated, strong.

    No wonder she’s only reserved for the best.
    She’s beautiful at the jil sander show.

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