Meet the Elite

The Elite Model look contest has served as the launchpad for some of modeling’s biggest stars. Familiar faces like Rianne Ten Haken, Isabeli Fontana, Sigrid Agren and Charlotte Di Calypso all got their start participating in the world wide event. Which means that the future is looking bright for 2009’s lucky winners Barbie, Catarina, Emily, Julia, Manon and Simona. The global grouping of beauties may hail from different countries but what they all have in common is that special spark of promise that will surely lead to big things. (Elite Model Look Final in Sanya, China).


Manon Pieto from France is already generating great buzz.


Barbie (Ming Xi) from China


Caterina Ravaglia from Italy


Emily Smith from the U.K.


Julia Saner from Switzerland


Simona from Serbia

Elite Model Look 2009. All pics courtesy of Elite Paris.

  1. OMG that girl from Sebria is so amazing.
    The girl from China is like the most beautiful asian girl in this industry i’ve ever seen.
    Great job Elite.

  2. These photos are terribly unflattering, I must say, they all look better in polaroids. Simona’s my favorite.

  3. Manon, Julia and Emily are my favs!!!
    But I think Adriana Lima won rgis contest or am I wrong?

  4. With a name like Barbie, she’ll never gonna go wrong. look at Chanel Iman, instant stardom.

  5. wow…these girls are like a genetically engineered line of perfect faces. Elite knows how to pick em. Manon looks classic.

  6. Oh My God! Emily Smith is AMAZING! She’s like Sigrid but better! Well done Elite!!!

  7. WOW! Look at EMILY! She’s stunning. I think Julia is wonderful too but Emily should have won.

  8. Elite Model Look is the most powerfull scouting machine in this industrry !! no doubts ELITE ‘S BACK

  9. Emily Smith has the eyes. Fragile look that catch the attention. And that Swiss girl, if having a good smile, will shine in cosmetic & hair jobs within couple of years for sure. And it seems Elite can finally get their Asian star…

  10. None of these girls really do it for me but I’d have to pick Simona as my favorite, reminds me of Roos V =)

  11. So happy to see one of the beautiful girl Julia Saner also from our Switzerland !!!! it is great!!!!!!!!

  12. Barbie from China !!!! it is great job!!!! Sara she is half chinese too!!!!
    take a look her blog :

  13. I think the most promising girl is Manon Pieto. she is 1.85 tall..!!!!!!!
    my other bet is Caterina Ravaglia from Italy, I think she has a new face so is very freshing .
    I like Julia Saner too, but I think in some photos she may look too comercial, but in some pics I see similarity to Doutzen Kroes.
    Simona and Emily are beautiful girls with lot of potential, but for me they don’t have new faces, and a lot of unknown models may look like them.
    Barbie from china is great, but in that photo she doesn’t look great as in others.
    Other girl, who was very promising even though she is not in the first places is Nasata Mitrovic, for me she is great, maybe her height may be too common in models (1.75) but she has a new face, elegant, and photographs amazing!! you can see her in

    A girl that I think has potential but as a commercial girl is Maria Teresa Stange from chile, she looks like Miss.

    Answer to Rodrigo Dutra: no Adriana participate in Ford’s competition. Elite don’t have winners from latin america, only 3 girls reached the second place: Ana Beatriz Barros (Brazil) Renata Ruiz (chile, 2001)and Josefina Cisternas (chile, 2008)

  14. hm, i like Simona best! she has tear drop eyes which i think is kind of exotic

  15. ooh interesting name… barbie
    nice to have some diversity here
    the serbian girl is gorgeous too, but lacks the catchy edgeness

  16. Julia Saner is the best winner we could imagine! Thank good she won, she’s doing an awesome job, and she still stayed with both feet on the floor and isn’t braging about her being a model, which is just great.
    10 stars for Julia Saner!

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