Amazing Grace


Grace Coddington at the Clic Gallery. Pictures Betty for MDC.

We make no secret of our love of Grace Coddington (and cats!) so we headed down last night to Clic Gallery to pick up a copy of “The Catwalk Cats” (2006), signed by Grace herself, to benefit the Animal Rescue Fund. Filled with Grace’s delightful drawings and wonderfully witty musings combined with Didier’s pleasing pictures, the book is not only a priceless peek into their fabulous lives with Puff, Coco, Henri, Baby and Bart but a poignant tribute to the importance of animals not just as our pets but as members of a loving family. Below the pictures, some of our favorite pages (and there were many) from the book.



Didier Malige



The divine Miss Coddington right before she flashes us her smile.


Teaching Bart the ropes


Guest appearance on Karl’s runway.


Can you guess which season this is?

If you’re in New York head down the beautiful CLIC gallery and pick up your copy. If not here in NYC, head over to Amazon who says of the book: “At once delightful and dishy, it is both a convincing argument for the fundamental similarities between felines and fashionistas and a moving meditation on love and life as a family.” 

  1. Grace rocks!! she is the true creative mind behind American Vogue, though Italian Vogue is the best in my opinion:)

  2. Whoa, I recognize most of those looks from a shoot for Vogue with Gisele Bundchen in it!!!

  3. these illustrations are soooo GRACE-FUL!!! i can imagine what’s going thru her mind when she’s sketching all these out… ;)

  4. The best stylist ever !!!!! Her work is such an inspiration…. THANK YOU GRAN DAMME !!!

  5. GOD BLESS GRACE CODDINGTON!!!! she is the best of the best of the best of the best creative director on earth!

  6. Grace coddington she is fantastic, i started buying vogue (British) way back in 1974 when i was 16yrs and remember her styling shoots working with Bailey and Parkinson my favourites.

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