Marc appeal: Really really big coats and what else you couldn’t miss

Not just because Marc Jacobs deserves an obligatory post as practically the pillar show of New York Fashion Week, but because it was a show with so much drama and because those really really big coats were impossible to miss. Was Marc Jacobs taking a stand against too puny expectations from fashion lately–literally–by hyperbolizing 80’s mania to titanic proportions? Regardless of the business of Marc Jacobs the brand, who recently tapped Baja East’s John Targon for a contemporary collection, and regardless of whether shapes this size will have mass appeal, this show carries so much currency that it’s important to take notes:

1. Those really, really big coats

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2. New names that scored big

Kristin Zakala
Delilah Koch
Amira Pinheiro
Sian Scale
Zu Czemier
Grace Vinson
Jac Summers
Olivia Anakwe
Hannah Shakespeare
Dara Allen
Sijia Kang
Angok Mayen
Jamily Wernke Meurer
Tricia Akello
Cristina Piccone
Sara Soric
Hunter Schafer
Nika Cole
Songwha Oh

3. There was amazing hair by Guido Palau and colorist Josh Wood

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4. Sharp hats were the exclamation points on the whole moment

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