These New Faces Got Swimming Lessons at Calvin Klein’s Theatrical Show

Surviving the shark-infested water that is fashion week, these new faces made it out alive at the end as they nabbed one of the biggest bookings the rainy week could bring, Calvin Klein. Raf Simons combined cinematic references from Jaws and The Graduate with his own expertise in tailoring and textiles for a collection that was as cohesive as it was engaging (hello rubber scuba wear). Dive into a list of the lucky few that walked for the brand for the first time.

Alina Bolotina

Ellery Harper

Felice Noordhoff

Jamily Wernke Meurer

Juliane Grüner

Justin Holman

Kai Bomholtz

Miki Ehara

Noah Servi

Park Tae Min

Rio Thake

Roos van Elk

Saidou Diallo

Sara Eirud

Tevin Steele

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