Y-3 S/S 11

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | September 17th, 2010

Yohji Yamamoto is one of fashion’s rockstars, so it is only fitting that he turn out a Y-3 collection that nods to the vibrance and insouciance of today’s music scene. With the Armory serving as the ultimate venue, Yamamoto presented a collection tailored to the kind of kids who find themselves at festivals and in underground clubs. On the runway cropped tops and baggy silhouettes featured prominently, but structured elements like classic leather jackets for boys and sharp fitted blazers for girls kept the look clean. The addition of goth lip color by Pat McGrath and gravity defying hairstyles created by Eugene Souleiman enhanced the punk undercurrent of the clothes, as did the pork pie hats and layered silver chains that served as accessories. As always, the trademark black / white / grey color scheme and inventive interpretations of the striped logo were important elements, but the jolts of red, blue and green created the most memorable moments. The fiery leggings and cardigan combo on Ajak was an absolute show stopper, audience reaction to it could be heard, even over the booming soundtrack provided by band, Duke Spirit. Perhaps the evening’s biggest treat though, was the wide array of distinctive footwear, guaranteed to keep Y-3 enthusiasts (and sneaker obsessives everywhere) very happy.

Spring/Summer 2011

Photos: Stephan Moskovic
Text: Janelle Okwodu

Y-3 Spring / Summer 2011

Casting: Andrew Weir for ACW
Makeup: Pat McGrath
Hair: Eugene Souleiman

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24 Comments to “Y-3 S/S 11”

  1. ANTWAN says:



  2. Loejjie says:

    love the clothes, love the models,love the industry.

  3. jconthenet says:

    I love Y-3

  4. renan says:

    love daiane…..

  5. bomak says:

    holy. absolutely amazing. now certainly a force.

  6. carola says:

    Daiane looks sensational!!!!!!

  7. I am thinking in blacks and reds nowadays a lot so this was truly amazing to watch…..

  8. not to mention the blue is also sensational! and I want the black jackets for guys are amazing… wish i could grab some 😀

  9. RCVW says:

    Awesome S/S collection…really speaks for the times. I <3 Y-3!

  10. looks like a great show, great party,
    awesome clothes, cool models, awesome shots, love the black and white of the strobes, it all looks very factory like (ala warhol)

  11. Cañas says:


  12. Alejandra says:

    The band that is playing at the back it’s Duke Spirit.

  13. zhangyu says:

    I LOVE Yohji Yamamoto !

  14. silvana says:

    like like like
    :)))) Y3

  15. Marzupio says:

    Yeah , Daiane C looks better than ever i adore her nowadays

  16. sara says:

    love frida’s outfits, and the total red aoutfit with black hat and gloves

  17. lala says:

    this collection is so sexy… i think i could wear what the men are wearing here!! it’s so rock and roll and i love it so much… is it alek wek??? she looks hot in red too…

  18. tokyamcao says:

    this really y-3 i comes China, i think it‘s very good

  19. Borderlands says:

    woow, all the models look like they walked straight out from a starve-camp(they probably did). But the clothes are cool, the girl-collection is better than the boys’, which is boring.

  20. taymour says:

    i heart Y3!


  21. Telma Nagasawa says:

    Love the collection! Love the pictures!

  22. Lily says:

    OMG its the Duke Spirit!!! That’s Lela Moss!