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Y-3 S/S 2012

Posted by kevin | September 15th, 2011

Who says spring has to be all sweetness and light? Y-3 presents a hard edged alternative to the season’s proliferation of frou frou collections. Inspired by London youth and Brit popular culture, Yohji Yamamoto and Y-3’s creative director Dirk Schönberger, created a look that was avant-garde meets punk. Billowing black separates, tartan and primary colors were the look for both for men and women and the sleek finale proved the Y-3 look is about more than just sporty daywear.
Spring/Summer 2012

Photos: Stephan Moskovic
Text: Janelle Okwodu

Casting: Maida & Rami
Makeup: Pat McGrath
Hair: Eugene Souleiman


1. Daria Strokous
2. Nimue Smit
3. Sui He
4. Jac Jagaciak
5. Ruby Jean Wilson
6. Nyasha Matonhodze
7. Mirte Maas
8. Keith Hernandez
9. Valerija Sestic
10. Alex Pirzio-Biroli
11. ?
12. Frida Gustavsson
13. Charlie Timms
14. Georgia Hilmer
15. BBrenda Kranz
16. Bette Franke
17. Ming Xi
18. Kinga Rajzak
19. Merilin Perli
20. Erjona Ala
21. Alex Beck
22. Rose Smith
23. Sui He
24. Emily Baker
25. Caterina Ravaglia
26. Ruby Aldridge
27. Niclas Gillis
28. Ruby Jean Wilson
29. Harry Goodwins
30. Nimue Smit
31. Charlie Westerberg
32. Jac Jagaciak
33. James Smith
34. Frida Gustavsson
35. Benjamin Eidem
36. KKarolina Waz
37. Valerija Sestic
38. Eryck Laframboise
39. Vincent Harrington
40. Charlie France
41. GGeorgia Hilmer
42. Hailey Clauson
43. Kinga Rajzak
44. Ming Xi
45. Mirte Maas
46. Bette Franke
47. Erjona Ala
48. Victor Nylander
49. Alex Beck
50. Nyasha Matonhodze
51. Yannick Abrath
52. Brenda Kranz
53. Baptiste Radufe
54. Luka Badnjar
55. Emily Baker
56. Ruby Aldridge
57. Merilin Perli
58. Daria Strokous

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3 Comments to “Y-3 S/S 2012”

  1. TpC says:

    the yellow and white high heel sneaks on the asian model are a great design – maybe somebody finally managed to come up with a more practical heel for women that offers a bit more support – although ergonomically it’s still bad form for the human body

  2. nandos says:

    Sui He is amazing

  3. ena says:

    Bryant McCuddin (11) is missing on the list, he’s on the 3rd and 9th pic!