Siki Im Fall/Winter 2011

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | February 13th, 2011

Few menswear designers showing in New York today demonstrate the clarity of vision of Siki Im. For Fall, he showed a collection inspired by the work of the Native American potter Maria Martinez, on models who traversed a figure eight of hand-pressed dirt to the droning sounds of traditional war dance songs. Dark, sculptural Appaloosa hats made several appearances, along with hand-woven ponchos in black and red, the few spots of color in an otherwise monochromatically inky palette that favored heavy, durable fabrics like boiled wool. Im played with a range of silhouettes, from stick-thin to billowy, a natural evolution from the shapes he worked with last season. Fake fur and feathers were woven into the hair for a modern take on traditional headdresses, while uneven hems and kimono-style blazers evoked less complicated styles of dress. Made by Eugene provided the final touch with a selection of accessories—rings, bracelets, earrings, lapel pins—formed of slightly imperfect circles that looked like miniature solar eclipses. Im noted in his program notes that his collection aimed for a “somber spirituality in returning to our roots, to Mother Earth,” illustrating just the sort of introspection and consideration we have come to expect from him.
Fall/Winter 2011

Photos: Betty Sze
Text: Jonathan Shia

Stylist: David Vandewal
Hair: Duffy
Makeup: Benjamin Puckey
Casting director: John Tan

Fall/Winter 2011

Stylist: David Vandewal
Hair: Duffy
Makeup: Benjamin Puckey
Casting director: John Tan

1- David Agbodji, Corey Baptiste, Paul Boche
2- Lowell Tautchin, Zhao Lei, ?, Alec/Red
3- Alec w/ Red
4- Jacob Coupe
5- Hats by Heather Huey
6- David Chiang, Tomek Szczukiecki
7- Yuri Pleskun
8- Alec with Red
9- Clement Chabernaud
10- Paul Boche
11- Alex Dunstan and Clement

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5 Comments to “Siki Im Fall/Winter 2011”

  1. Elis Rejaine Rodrigues Borges says:

    Amei a toda a coleção de muito bom gosto…
    E os modelos lindos e lindas….
    A eu ai, quero muito modelar

  2. TURBOMOMO says:

    Yuri with a red maw-hawk!!! Awesome! Jacob looks fabulous as well! I like the little western mix with the hat & the clothes!

  3. souleye says:

    I think that the presentation is awesome but the designs, I’m not sold. I think that design these days looks too much for the far fetched. while the primary use of clothes is for looking good but still keeping functional. nobody wants to wear clothes like you’re going to a circus.

  4. MWM says:

    loved this presentation!

  5. TTB says:

    I’m loving how the showings are going back to informal, rather than a traditional runway show. It gives people the opportunity to really look at the garments/art up close….its more personal…you can take your time as apposed to the tennis match style of watching a runway show…quick back and forth and its gone less than 60 seconds.

    I love the designs as well, how they have a modern silhouette a bit unconventional but also pays homage to classic menswear tailoring details.

    Only thing that I would have liked to see is a bit more color…I know it was 2011 winter collections but winter can be about bold colors…