Lane Crawford A/W 2011 Campaign Launch: Day 6

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | September 8th, 2011

It takes a special brand to capture the essence of the world’s fastest growing luxury market, but that is exactly what Lane Crawford has done with their latest campaign. Utilizing five of China’s premier models: Liu Wen, Shu Pei, Fei Fei Sun, Ming Xi & Xiao Wen Ju in sleek images by Mert and Marcus, the ads create an edgy yet understated vision of fall’s fashions and the trend conscious Lane Crawford consumer. Premiering exclusively on the new images and accompanying behind the scenes video, showcase the incredible work of an unforgettable team that includes Marie-Amélie Sauvé, Lucia Pieroni & Anthony Turner.

NEW The girls of Lane Crawford:
Shu Pei interview
Run Ming run! follows the very vivacious Ming Xi during her whirlwind run through the shows
Liu Wen interview

Campaign photos:
DAY 6: 6th campaign photo
DAY 5: 5th campaign photo
DAY 4: 4th campaign photo
DAY 3: 3rd campaign photo
DAY 2: 2nd campaign photo
DAY 1: 1st campaign photo + exclusive backstage video below.

Stay tuned to during New York fashion week for even more exclusive campaign images and special feature stories with each of the campaign’s stars!

Lane Crawford
A/W 2011 Campaign

Photography: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Style: Marie-Amélie Sauvé
Art Direction : Christopher Simmonds
Makeup: Lucia Pieroni
Hair: Anthony Turner

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43 Comments to “Lane Crawford A/W 2011 Campaign Launch: Day 6”

  1. Rermthon says:

    Chinese accent is sexy i think.

  2. JL says:

    Superb casting. Beautiful campaign.

  3. YANHAO says:

    It is amazing!! Stunning picture!
    I love all of these girls !

  4. I L O V E this video! It is absolutely gorgeous! I like it even more than the result but that’s probably due to the fact that I adore how elegantly and beautifully chinese/asian models move and talk! They are wonderful!

    xoxo thefashionbambi

  5. Russo says:

    i love them stunning
    and yes the chinese beauty is so sexy

  6. Joe says:

    Beautiful campaign .Ming Xi sounds a bit like Anna Jagodzinska . . .I don’t even know how i noticed that …

  7. unmec says:

    great video, i really like there accents and voices- so unconventional, to me

  8. nat says:

    liu wen’s english got so much better, awesome campaign@

  9. edgar says:

    here i am thinking lane BRYANT took a drastic move, teehee

  10. nandos says:

    Mert and marcus, great work! girls looks beautiful

  11. elise says:

    i love this photo! fei fei looks very sexy

  12. GoGo says:

    so Great!

  13. Bertrand says:

    Really amazing cast indeed, and the clothes look so rich and the final ads are to die for 🙂

  14. HH says:

    Too beautiful!!

  15. Joshua says:

    I love Liu Wen! Hope I can see you again in the VS show!

  16. great video here, very well shot, great models

  17. Dilip says:

    Amazing work.. love these girls…

    Perfect models for amazing photographer..
    Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott.. def my favorites.

  18. See Like Me says:

    Ming Xi ruullleesss

  19. CHUNGKIT says:

    How wonderful to see so many great Asian faces in fashion today.

    It’s about time luxury brands recognized that Asia makes up a high percentage of the world’s buying market and start to represent them directly. Bravo!

  20. WOW… SUPER AD!!! ^^ superstar casting put in an interesting juxtaposition… Reminds me of Meisel’s FW 07 ad but much more muted cos of the styling trend, nevertheless it’s WANDERLUST!!!

  21. 93kan says:

    love liu wen,fei fei,ming xi & shu pei

  22. 小韩 says:


  23. 小韩 says:


  24. Sandra Shin says:

    That’s interesting how the modeling world react. Some years ago there was any chinese supermodels, but now, with the crescent chinese economy, all the brands are giving them important jobs. However, there are more beautiful and better asian models around. Where’s some asian divas beauties like Devon Aoki, Juliana Imai and Ai tominaga? The agencies had forgotten about them and are promoting only the chineses… too bad!

  25. anlabe says:

    I would like to have the first foto’s in HQ without the text.

  26. HermanYang says:

    U guys are amazing!!Super China!!

  27. Lucy says:

    my favorite models……all in one campaign! 中国加油! 😉

  28. OMG I love love love this campaign it is brilliant! Chinese models have finally got their fair share in the industry *yeeeey*

    I’ve also written something on Asian models in my blog because I am such a huuuuuge fan of them! Tell me if you like it 🙂

    xoxo thefashionbambi

  29. PeaBodyPea says:




  30. Remo says:

    Definitely a big leap for the fashion industry. Inch by inch, Asian beauties are finally getting their fair share of spotlight. I hope they would also start recognizing models from South East Asia. By the way, I’m a Filipino.

    *Sorry for the bad grammar

  31. roadio says:

    nice to hear the models speak so eloquently about their profession – smart girls! I like the run ming run video on here more — it’s very funny!

  32. FND says:

    Dear Sandra. Whats with the commotion abt casting only Chinese Models? Lane Crawford is a luxury department store in HK where it’s predominantly chinese. It appeals to the target market. This is not some Hollywood decision. And this is not new either. Theyve been doing this every year except for this year u see it on Theyve probably used chinese models too in the past, but the only difference is that back then you may not know them by name. That is all. Simmer down.

  33. Ada says:

    Wow, love it, I’m impresariowi!

  34. mark says:


  35. SERGIO says:

    I LOVE THOSE GIRLS! they are so powerfull, and stronger girls

  36. Nylon says:

    proud of being a chinese!

  37. dani says:

    내가 좋아하는 모델들 !

  38. Kevin Li says:

    I love this video, it is so amazing to see these beautiful, gorgeous, sexy and fashionable Chinese ladies be full of self-confidence to prove their inner powers. The White peoples dominated the fashion world for too long, I am glad more and more Asian faces getting appearing on the T stage in NYC, Paris,London and Milan recently. I am Chinese, but I support all Asian models wherever they are come from China, South Korea or Japan !

  39. Ji-Hye says:

    Obviously the Queen’s Liu!

  40. Danny says:

    I’m a bit sad that Sui He wasn’t in this campaign. If Sui He was featured in this campaign too, I think this campaign would be more superb.