The Blackallure: Vogue Italia backstage exclusive

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | February 8th, 2011

Vogue Italia is fashion’s foremost source for inspirational imagery; you can always count on their editorials to push boundaries and raise eyebrows with the kind of visuals you can’t see anywhere else. The magazine’s combination of A-List talent and a desire to innovate never fails to dazzle. When you combine the artistry of Emma Summerton, Edward Enninful, Mathias van Hooff and Jimmy Paul, the end result is bound to blow your mind. Throw in the unrelenting beauty of models Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, Lais Ribiero, Melodie Monrose, Arlenis Sosa, Kinee Diouf, Ajak, Rose Cordero, Sessilee Lopez and Chanel Iman and you’re in for the kind of eye candy that only one glossy on earth could provide. MDC takes you behind the scenes of this very special VI shoot, for an exclusive look at the moments before the magic happens.

See the editorial and a second backstage video on the Vogue Italia web site

Vogue Italia / Feb 2011

Video directed and edited by Alec Maxwell & Herod
W/ additional footage by Stephan Moskovic for

This video is also available on youtube


Photographer- Emma Summerton
Fashion Editor- Edward Enninful
Make-up Artist – Mathias van Hooff
Hairstylist- Jimmy Paul
Manicure – Honey
Set Design – Mary Howard Studio
Production – Heather Catania


Rose Cordero @ Ford
Lais Ribeiro @ Women
Jourdan Dunn @ Storm
Melodie Monrose @ Wilhelmina
Joan Smalls @ IMG
Chanel Iman @ IMG
Aminata Niaria @ IMG
Kinee Diouf @ IMG
Ajak Deng @ IMG
Arlenis Sosa @ Marilyn’s NY
Sessilee Lopez @ Major Model

Soundtrack: Etheric Device by Glass Candy

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37 Comments to “The Blackallure: Vogue Italia backstage exclusive”

  1. joanne says:

    LOVE IT.

  2. adrian says:

    Love it… Melodie, Jourdan,Ajak… wow

  3. DooDiva says:

    Vogue Italia nails it!! What a fine editorial!!

  4. Not on the guest list says:

    Oh my god!!
    This video contains so much beauty that makes me sick, gosh!!!
    I’m gonna die

  5. joanne says:

    BTW did chanel and sessilee settle whatever grudge they had?

  6. Nice video! I like all the models so I can’t even talk about them one by one lol. Sessilee’s eyes are so intruiging

  7. Dom says:

    I love the ed… But I can’t help but think, how come every time there’s a black model in a magazine, it has to be with a whole bunch of other black models? Why can’t girls of different races in an ed together, or a black OG editorial. Same goes for Asian models.

  8. Lyli says:

    Love it.. Joan, Lais Ribeiro and Ajak!

  9. Lu says:

    As much as I absolutely love this, shouldn’t this spread be called “Colored Allure”? Lais, Rose, Arlenis, and Joan are not black. Its just disappointing how the industry will either label a model either white and if you have at least “some” color you’re automatically labeled black. It would just be nice if some hispanics/latin models received some credit. Other than that all the girls along with the spread look amazing.

  10. page says:

    Joan, Arlenis,Rose and Sessilee (she is dominican) may not be “black” as we have it defined here in the states, but they are clearly of partial African decent, and I believe thats the overall point when an editorial like this is shot.

  11. page says:

    and with that being said they are no more or less “black” than most african americans… you’d be hard pressed to find an african american thats 100% sub-saharan african ancestry. so in that case you could also argue that chanel and jourdan probably aren’t black, but that would just be silly now wouldn’t it?

  12. opp says:

    Wow they really eat pizza?!

  13. vlad says:

    omg sess chanel jourdan and arlenis back together again….yay!!! twice this year with the addition of joan and everyone else….i am very happy….lais in italian vogue yes yes this is like ahhh…im so giddy like a little kid lol..time to take a breather.

  14. nick says:


  15. ELLE says:

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Ajak, Lais, Melodie, Jourdan, Rose, Joan, Kinee, Sessile, Arlenis, Aminata & Chanel Iman! VI are on point with with every issue and editorial. Keep it up and I’ll keep buying 😉

  16. Xanax says:

    Too much beauty and fierceness in one room! Amazing!

  17. Elijah says:

    Ajak’s images were exceptional.

    Chanel, Jourdan, &Melodie were also noteworthy.

    i cannot contain how excited i was to see this

  18. manDY says:

    i HATE how they are always grouped together
    it reminds me of how ppl say that its only a statement, and not something that will be continuous
    i think i would be a lot happier if black girls recieve long, steady careers instead of these one time things

  19. industry says:

    I really want to buy and support this, I think its good what Italia Vogue does

  20. Marcus says:

    Did Jourdan give chanel a dirty look at 1:24?

  21. “Black Allure” is an Editorial for History I love it!!!

  22. ania says:

    they have pizza? they must really have run down with the budget…sad!!!!

  23. pen says:

    anyone know the name of this song? also, while the dominican models featured here are considered black in the u.s. its important to note that in the dominican republic they are considered hispanic not black!

  24. Lu says:

    @page, correct, i agree with some of your points. exactly why i agree a more appropriate title for this spread should of been called biracial or colored allure…no one is ever exactly 100% anything. but i would say joan, arlenis, and rose fall within the latin/hispanic category. walk up to a hardcore puerto rican girl in real life and tell her she’s “clearly partial african decent”, see what type of reaction you’ll get.

  25. Richie says:

    I am Dominican as well in santo Domingo we don’t see color like in the US were everything is divided by race…. Hispanic is not a race it is my heritage but I am Black!!!!

  26. jus says:

    I would first have to say that i like this video and the editorial a lot. i was reading the comments and some of you that commented are really ignorant. Page and Richie your absoultly correct, in terms of race and everything disussed.THESE GIRLS ARE OF AFRICAN DECENT PEOAPLE. lets not get confused with the right meaning of RACE, NATIONALITY and Ethnicity!!! its already hard for models of color to even succeed in this industry or any kind of industry.

  27. Michael says:

    These gorgeous girls are all part of the african diaspora, whether they are from Brazil, Santo Domingo, New York, London, or Africa. Rose, Lais, Arlenis, and Joan are just as black as President Obama, and that doesn’t deny their other other heritages either. As Ritchie stated, Hispanic/latin is NOT a race.

    If sure if any of these girls objected to being labeled “black”, they wouldn’t have done this editorial in the first place. Any objections seem to be coming from others with their own agendas.

    The editorial and video are gorgeous.:)

  28. Irving says:

    Haha 0mg Jourdan Dunn totally gave Chanel a dirty look 1:24 because Chanel was going to hit her with her hat when she was going to step to the side.

  29. miguel says:

    to michael it almost seems like you think being labled as black or being black is a bad thing. Thats one of the beautiful things about this vogue addition and video that it shows the beauty of this group of peaple wether you wanna call them black or of arican decent that doesn’t matter the share certain ethnic traits that are being showcased here as beautiful and that influence makes a diffrence in the world.

  30. Michael says:

    To Miguel, is English your first language? How exactly did you read what I wrote as thinking black is a bad thing? Since I am black, your assumption is extra ridiculous. Black is beautiful, no matter the origins, and that’s clearly what I wrote.

  31. fashion says:

    Lets get a couple of things straight. The girls (Joan, Arlenis, Rose) aren’t thinking that deep into it. The girls are being offered a spread in Italian Vogue themed with being part of the creme of the crop top colored models in the industry of the moment, why would they oblige? Very rarely would any magazine publication do a complete dedication to Latin models so this is as far as they’re going to get with being dedicated. If Italian Vogue was offering two seperate spreads, one dedicated to Hispanic models and the other dedicating to African American models, and those specifics girls could only choose to be in one, which do you think (Joan, Arlenis, and Rose) would choose?…All models, no matter what background are beautiful. But don’t try to place them all within the same category. The INDUSTRY might only see black and white but thats not how it works in real life.

  32. sarah c says:

    The song is ‘Etheric Device’ by Glass Candy

  33. And I’m glad Aminata was part of this because I don’t usually see her in editorials

  34. checcho says:


  35. I had the great honor of being one of the hairstylist on this amazing

  36. siye says:

    its really amazing,i love it,the way they look,and they dress,body is perfect.