Alexander Wang F/W 10 Backstage

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | February 16th, 2010



































Alexander Wang F/W 10
Designer: Alexander Wang
Stylist: Karl Templer
Hair: Guido Palau
Makeup: Diane Kendal
Casting: Anita Bitton for The Establishment

1-Anna Wintour, Alexander Wang
2-Antonella Graef
3-Joan Smalls
4-The lineup
5-Ylonka Verheul
6-Iselin Steiro, Miguel Avalos from Women
7-Jenny Sinkaberg
8-Alexander shows Anna the collection
9-New face Yasmina with 1 Models.
10-Karmen Pedaru, Snejana Onopka , in their own clothes; line up for rehearsal
11- Tavi in front of the camera
12-New face Lindsey with IMG
13-F/W 10 Accessories
14-F/W 10 Shoes
15-Detail, shoes
16-Yasmina with Karl, first looks
17-The crowd awaits
18-Ylonka Verheul
19-Sigrid Agren
20-Abbey Lee Kershaw in black and white
21-Karlie Kloss
22-Agyness Deyn
23-Natasha Poly
24-Abbey Lee Kershaw
25-Wall Street grey
26-Anita in action
27-Jessica Miller
28-Jessica Miller, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Edita Vilkeviciute
29-Lace on Iris Strubegger
30-Anna Selezneva
31-Jenny Sinkaberg
32-Natalia Vodianova

Photos: Betty Sze

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27 Comments to “Alexander Wang F/W 10 Backstage”

  1. julia says:

    Those are some gorgeous photos Betty! Do work!

  2. Leah says:

    WOW. I love these images you’re posting. Almost feel like I’m there.

  3. Natashia says:

    WOW this is so inspired! I just stare in admiration x what talent x

  4. alexiaki says:

    great photos…all the models look great, I really liked the kinda messy hair

  5. C. says:

    The models are so mysterious , so magnétic .
    The atmosphere is always also electric and fascinating .

  6. poo says:

    Great photographs. Love the super sharp detail, the way you can see each hair, the glossy parts of hair.

  7. MDC_270808 says:

    Betty rocks!!

  8. JW says:

    What a show!

  9. Natalia says:

    Abbey Lee looks awesome !! Love the first shot with the glasses.

  10. Neo says:

    Love Yasmina and Love these pictures betty!

    great work

  11. Dusko says:

    Great photos, great show, great clothes! I kind of wish I was a girl when I see them wearing those fantastic pieces!

  12. Nigel S. says:

    Rock on Betty! I can almost smell it.

    Jessica Miller!! That Radmeister!
    I want a male version of that top on Iris. I’ve been meaning to get into such attire for a while now.

    The image of Natalia speaks volumes.
    And Anna herself should be flattered by that captivating image of her, looking ever-so chic.

  13. anastasia beverhausen says:

    that shot of the new girl Ylonka is insane

  14. tj says:

    excellent backstage photos! no words are needed to describe the scene with such pitch perfect photography! way to go!

  15. nat says:

    “anastasia beverhausen says:

    that shot of the new girl Ylonka is insane”

    i couldn’t agree more. she’s amazing!

  16. John Burke says:

    Great backstage photos excellent show and clothes and models

  17. Tangent Mag LOVES!
    Thank you for the great photos Betty

  18. Katie says:

    amazing pictures. what a great show. love the clothes. wang is always incredible.

  19. Edo says:

    VERY BEAUTIFUL photos!! very inspiring, makes us feel like we’re there with you. The models look so gorgeous

  20. Seungyeon says:

    absolutely gorgeous ever.

  21. Beth Walshaw says:

    Amazing photos and the models look great , loving the look that they have , a true inspiration would love to do some catwalk work so looking at these photos gives me an insight of what ( hopefully ) my future may be.

  22. MaryJane says:

    the photography is exceptional. I hope we can get such high quality, watch-worthy photos for each fashion shows backstage preparation, it’s another world back there.

    great job, congratulations!

  23. valiko says:

    What’s a show!
    Great photos!

  24. Thank you!!! great photos…all the models look great

  25. jillian says:

    i pour through fashion images nearly every free moment i have…be it editorial/personal (like those found on a model’s social media site)/catwalk/agency—you name it, i devour it…and though i am the first to admit i’m far from having an ‘objective’ or ‘professional’ eye, i am not a person without a complex mental library of fashion photography. tonight i was totally taken aback when i came upon these shots! phenomenal is an understatement, as is extraordinary, original, breathtaking. dare i use PerfectioN, a word most coveted and rarely if ever used; yet really it is the only description i can think of that is fitting.

    i apologize for my rambling but i cannot help it! my passion for fashion and the many art-forms surrounding it is fully (and rarely!) realized when i come across a body of work like this. these shots have shown to me that Betty Sze is a photographer that is beyond talented. Here, she took an event that is often viewed, and thus photographed, as secondary (next to the the show itself) & captured it as though it was THE happening of the night. Ms Sze used her lens to illustrate the extent in which the atmosphere backstage can be extremely magical and intense, or as C above put it, “the atmosphere is always… electric and fascinating”.

    even for someone who is not interested in fashion, they would certainly be hard-pressed not to find these images provocative and enthralling… one can see the richness and craftsmanship of the clothes, the true beauty of the models, the makeup, the lights…all the fervor and sweat that is put into what comes down to 15 minutes. The show itself most often is (certainly) the venue in which all the above elements are fully realized, after all it is created to do just that. So to capture not just one, but all these variables and emotions from random, scattered and unplanned moments backstage, well it simply takes an artistic genius.

    i will stop blabbering now. if you happened to have read this far(!), i would like to explain that my only hope in writing such a long (some might say extreme) commentary was to pay forward in some way (or to those someones who were responsible for me seeing these photos–in particular Ms Sze if i were every lucky enough to have her read this) the happiness and inspiration i felt from finding these pictures—and feel every time i see them.
    Betty Sze is truly a master photographer among thousands of amateurs.

  26. Betty says:


    I am truly touched by the incredibly kind things you say about my photography. The whole process can be exciting yet totally nervewracking and I never feel like I capture it exactly how it is. But it’s all worth it to me if people like you get to enjoy and see a little bit of the fantastic circus that is backstage at shows. Alexander’s is especially fabulous to shoot though and easy to capture with the amount of top faces and super cool clothing. Thank you again for supporting us and for commenting!

    All my best,