Alexander Wang S/S 2012

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | September 11th, 2011

If there are two buzzwords to associate with Alexander Wang’s Spring show they would be “effortless” and “technical”. The Wang girls sported fresh from the shower hair, minimal makeup and a series of sporty looks that wouldn’t seem out of place at the local Equinox. One might assume that all this downtown chic is just the natural vibe of the cooler than cool cast, but that is where the technical bit comes in. Wang’s runway was filled with pieces that were laser cut, laden with exotic materials and styled within an inch of their lives by Karl Templer. The perfection on the catwalk is no happy accident, even though the line remains a favorite of girls who want the “just rolled out of bed” mystique. What Wang does best is tread the line between calculated and cool, his girls may look like they don’t care but rest assured that they do. Everything about this collection was on trend, right down to the runway return of Elise Crombez.

Alexander Wang
Spring/Summer 2012

Photos: Betty Sze for
Text: Janelle Okwodu

Stylist: Karl Templer
Casting Director: Anita Bitton for The Establishment
Hair: Guido Palau
Makeup: Diane Kendal
Production: KCD
Lighting: Philippe Cerceau

1. Maria Bradley
2. Lara Mullen
3. Daga Ziober
4. Claire de Regge (not pictured)
5. Hedvig Palm
6. Colinne Michaelis (not pictured)
7. Kate King (not pictured)
8. Ruby Aldridge
9. Fei Fei Sun
10. Kinga Rajzak
11. Katlin Aas
12. Mirte Maas
13. Sara Blomqvist
14. Bette Franke
15. Elise Crombez (not pictured)
16. Vika Falileeva
17. Magdalena Langrova
18. Hilary Rhoda
19. Frankie Rayder
20. Emily Baker
21. Valery Ka (not pictured)
22. Lais Oliveira
23. Simone Carvalho
24. Cora Emmanuel (not pictured)
25. Julia Nobis (not pictured)
26. Suvi Koponen
27. Marique Schimmel (not pictured)
28. Anna Selezneva
29. Hanne Gaby Odiele
30. Liu Wen
31. Caterina Ravaglia
32. Jourdan Dunn (not pictured)
33. Caroline Brasch Nielsen
34. Zuzanna Bijoch
35. Liya Kebede
36. Jac Jagaciak
37. Britt Maren
38. Magdalena Frackowiak
39. Karmen Pedaru (not pictured)
40. Aymeline Valade

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12 Comments to “Alexander Wang S/S 2012”

  1. Lily says:

    Such a fun cast. Liya, Elise, Hilary, Suvi… thank You!

  2. Great post and I think you analysis of his show was just perfect! Personally I think it was a little bit too sporty but this is just a question of taste. What I really liked was exactness, the perfection that was in the garments’ cuts.

    Just one point: I am missing a list of the models? Some of them I recognized but didn’t you get to post the list of models that were booked?

    xoxo thefashionbambi

  3. anlabe says:

    OMG @ Elise, my dream came true. Hope she does Europe too.
    BTW, you’re talking about her but no pic?

    Alex Wang was my favorite show in NY so far.

  4. RO says:

    Amazing show, so one of my favs,well, my second fav show of this season so far the number 1 stills Rag Bone!!

  5. Fred Nu says:

    A great story full with exceptional pics. Congrats. Our fav show so far together with Prabal Gurungs purple runway.

  6. Della says:

    Liya Kebede is the hottest!

  7. Sam says:

    Aww I can only see some pictures the rest won’t load! Anyway my favourite show up to now Bette Franke is gorgous, I wish she got more work.

  8. circle model development says:

    Amazing show!

  9. Subnormal Magazine says:

    great clothes and girls, but the make up and hair lacks along with the models expressions make this very depressive

  10. carola says:

    Wow Hilary looks amazing…thin yet athletic, love it!!

  11. unmec says:

    love it