Supermodel and Mother: Karolina Kurkova

Posted by steven yatsko | October 19th, 2015

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova needs little introduction – the now icon-status mega beauty broke onto the scene when she was fresh out of the Czech Republic and at fifteen quickly garnered attention from Miuccia Prada working with her for Miu Miu. The rest is history, as they say. Her crossover ability and Victoria’s Secret body had her early on a fixture on runways and fronting Vogues. Flash forward and her name is a mainstay in the leagues of fashion prestige and she’s traversed that bridge of model to multitalented household name, which includes, of course, motherhood.

These days you’ll find the supermodel and supermom on the idyllic Fisher Island, a “little oasis,” she says. It’s just a ferry ride away from Miami, Florida where she’s busy juggling a busy work schedule with an even busier family life, if that’s possible. You try dividing time between managing family life, modeling for top glossies, and embarking into entrepreneurship ventures. She admits it’s a round-the-clock unfolding and at the moment she’s the mother of a six year old son named Tobin, and pregnant with her second, “It is not easy to be balanced. Every woman who has a family is constantly trying to figure it out. How can she do it better, happier, and the best way that she can? It’s a constant learning experience and changing things. You have to adapt and figure it out. But first it’s, how is my family doing?,” she explains. When she does leave home for jobs she can turn back on model mode, “That’s when I get to dress up and be glamorous and play with my looks and get to work and be creative.” Striking that perfect balance takes finesse and just like striking the perfect pose, it’s an art, “I have responsibilities. It’s not like I’m 18 all by myself and can just travel wherever and go to whatever party. I do care about my work so I have to be very selective,” says Karolina over the phone, with small sounds of family clatter in the background.

During the first time around, Karolina decided not to do any photoshoots pregnant. A decision that was inadvertent, as she was understandably focusing on the new experiences that came with expecting her first child. “It’s your first time so you don’t really know what to expect,” she says, “There’s just so much you have to get ready for physically. What kind of birthing are you going to do and with who? How does it work? I was just so occupied with a lot of that and just immersing myself and asking what does it mean being pregnant? There’s so much that is happening and there’s so much you’re trying to learn about and experience. You’re not thinking how can I make pictures and put myself out there.” But after giving birth to Tobin, which she says “was the most incredible experience that I’ve ever had,” Karolina explained that the second time around she knew more of what to expect. With that she was ready to capture the significance of the moment, “With the second one, I feel more confident, more beautiful, it’s a special time that you should cherish. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.” So when she wanted to create something unique with to record and celebrate her experience, we invited video artist Danilo Lauria of Fusion to create this most-memorable and fun clip.

Video by Danilo Lauria for
Model Karolina Kurkova
Stylist Irene Ojo-Felix
Hair Stylist Sasha Nesterchuk
Makeup Artist Stefanie Willmann (See Management)
Styling Assistant Donte McGuine
Music by Sam Owens
Text by Steven Yatsko

Printed silk dress – Alberta Ferretti
White Printed dress – Philosophy
Pink Dress – Delpozo
White Lace Bra – Eres
Black Lace Dress – Alberta Ferretti
Metallic Sandals (throughout) – Pollini

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4 Comments to “Supermodel and Mother: Karolina Kurkova”

  1. JKAY says:

    OMG, how divine. I didn’t know she was still around, I totally forgot about her. I still have a Vogue magazine with her on the cover that’s probably about 16 years old now! She was so cool when she was modelling. I wish all the agencies would have sections that represented older good models (not the really really older ones) but the ones that were once very popular, it would be cool to give them another chance as real beauty and style never gets old.

    • liz P says:

      There is an agency. Its at Trump models, called the legends division. and ONE management has a few too.

  2. michele says:

    Love Kk! How Victoria’s Secret can go from KK,Gisele,Naomi to the new girls they have today is beyond me.

  3. JKAY says:

    Thanks Liz.P but not as old as ‘The Legends Division’. One managements has a few but they are still a bit older than what I mean or were not really very successful and very cool of the era. IMG models have the most of the type I mean but they are not in a separate division.
    I mean ones that were very successful (multiple covers,campaigns, cool editorials and shows (not ones that did Italian Vogue once then disappeared) in the last 10-20 years but have either faded away or still try but have passed their prime. I guess an agency of just the older recent stars wouldn’t make a lot of money. But it’s good that the likes of IMG give those models I am talking about a home to keep trying. I personally prefer the ‘girls of yester year’ (1990’s-1999). Keep going girls we dont forget you!!