The Up and Comers

Posted by | September 10th, 2013


Models: Anita Lijic, Kyra Green, Karolin Marczyk, Kwak
Dolce and Gabbana bra and underwear sets / Dolce and Gabbana red dress, shoes and jewelry
The Up and Comers

Fashion’s never-ending cycle of renewal means there is a constant stream of exciting new talent making their mark on the industry. Behind the scenes, a new generation of creators is innovating in hair, makeup, styling and creative direction, bringing new ideas to the table while paying homage to fashion’s strongest visual tenets. The up & comers of this era unite for this editorial featuring a lineup of notable new models from New York’s top agencies. These fresh faces are at the very start of their modeling journey and are captured beautifully by an illustrious set of talents whose names you should commit to memory. Photographer Jd Forte has assisted Steven Meisel and David Sims, honing his own style as he learned from photography’s masters. Hair stylist Shinya Nakagawa worked alongside Julien d’Ys while makeup artist Yumi Lee serves as first assistant for the legendary Stephane Marais. Set designer Nick des Jardins is a talented alum of Mary Howard Studio and stylist Jessica Margolis has crafted looks for the likes of Agyness Deyn and Emily Blunt. This group of young creatives comes together to craft a one of a kind editorial project and homage to the masters.

Photographer: Jd Forte
Stylist: Jessica Margolis
Hair Stylist: Shinya Nakagawa
Makeup Artist: Yumi Lee with L’Atelier NYC
Set Design: Nick des Jardins for Mary Howard Studio
Production: Kristen Bolt

Text by Janelle Okwodu

Alicia / New York Model Management
Anita Ligic / Women Management
Kama / DNA Models
Karolina Marczyk / Elite
Kate Goodling / Ford Models
Kwak Ji Young / Wilhelmina New York
Kyra Green / IMG
Laura O’Grady / Supreme Management
Michelle C. / One Management
Nadja Giramata / Trump Management
Ona / Fusion Models
Paiz Sloane / Next Models NY
Yue Ning / Marilyn Agency


Model: Kwak


Model: Anita Ligic
Gold jacket and skirt by Zuhair Murad


Models: Kate Goodling, Paiz Sloane
Dolce & Gabbana lingerie and Fendi fur top and skirt
Fur and fur throws all by ADRIENNE LANDAU

models day 24722_v1

Models: Michelle C, Nadja Girimata
ALTUZARRA dress and jacket / CHRISTIAN DIOR skirt and top


Models: Alicia, Ona
Both dresses by Zuhair Murad


Models: Kate Goodling, Yue Ning, Paiz Sloane, Laura O’Grady, Alicia
All dresses are ZUHAIR MURAD, All shoes are JIMMY CHOO

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25 Comments to “The Up and Comers”

  1. Trav says:

    It is all about ONA this season!

  2. Maxwell says:

    Seriously, we’re still using fur for things like this? Outdated and disappointing.

  3. John Renn says:

    Stuningly Beautiful Women.

  4. Cat says:

    there is Alicia instead of Kama, I guess?

  5. Mr. Richard says:

    Kyra is the real deal

  6. T says:

    If its fur, go for faux, not fur real

  7. Andreas says:

    Michelle C : very interesting, very French.

  8. nycdirectorcasting says:

    Where is new face Maggie Laine from IMG ?

  9. ebencipe says:

    Kwak is just gorgeous.. Soo lovin that Wilhelmina is bringing more asian faces in the NYC market.. I am also a firm believer that Kate Goodling is going to be the next Karmen Pedaru.

  10. Auralee says:

    I’m simply flabbergasted. One shot displays women covered with masses of dead animals, while the next shot reveals models who appear to be treating a [live] dog with munificence. This could not get anymore warped.

  11. Mimi says:

    Kate has a very distinctive and beautiful look. I think she has the potential to be successful.

  12. Bria says:

    Regarding Kwak JiYoung, her first name is JiYoung, not Kwak.

  13. Damien Kang says:

    I am so in LOVE with KWAK!

  14. TSW says:

    Is it me or does it seems as though in the groups shots the girls are on slightly different pages?

  15. Claudia says:

    Oh God, please don’t use fur! That’s cruel!

  16. Starman says:

    Kama Bronisz did Versace!

  17. JolinTsai says:

    Michelle C. (she needs to change a name probably) and Laura O’Grady are stunning, looking forward to see more of them in the industry!

  18. Kim says:

    Michelle C. is captivating! Looking forward to seeing more of her work!

  19. Lee says:


  20. subnormal magazine says:

    Lovely models, and some nice clothes, but as noted in some previous wise comments, the fur…seriously? Furrier Adrienne Landau is probably angry at all life, human and animal life, for being a victim of a plastic surgeon whose botox needle seems to have gone awry on her face, giving those not only in fashion, but Hollywood, a bad name, and children nightmares. Models, designers, and editors, until you are ready to go to a slaughter house and witness animals suffering in pain from the torture and murder of those that rip their skin and fur off their feeling bodies for your so called fashion, and call yourself the murder that you are with fur; fur that went out style with the caveman beating women over the head with a club and dragging them back to the cave, get some guts and say NO to fur, unless you truly are just another plastic surgery casualty whose botox has tainted not only your face and brain, but what little soul and compassion you have left. Keep fur on LIVING animals, where it belongs! – subnormal magazine

  21. curtisjefferson says:

    Hey my name is curtis jefferson from baltimore order smooth girl magazine orde 65 issue

  22. curtisjefferson says:

    Hey my name is curtis jefferson from baltimore order smooth girl magazine orde 65 issue im in there i aleays wanted to be a actor and model grew up watching james bond007 and the girls inthe movues movies

  23. sunny says:

    pls no fur editorial, it’s so ugly

  24. sudhir says:

    sparkling sweet womans

  25. jaehwa says:

    They all look sick and undernourished, I dont mind a thin person but there is a huge difference from thin to these bags of bones.
    Keeping fit is good for everyone but this is more like an illness than anything, should in no way be related to fashion or as an expamle for beauty.