Rise of the Asian Male Supermodel

Posted by models.com | July 1st, 2014


The rise of Asian supermodels ranks among the most important things to happen within the modeling industry’s past decade. The girls may get the bulk of the attention, but the elite group of Asian male models is every bit as exciting. Boys like Sung Jin Park, Phillip Huang, JaeYoo and Daisuke Ueda are dynamic in campaigns and editorials alike – bringing elegance to every shot all while breaking boundaries. Photography duo Idris & Tony capture these superstars in an exclusive portfolio for Models.com. Check out our interview with Idris & Tony here!

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65 Comments to “Rise of the Asian Male Supermodel”

  1. Lisa says:

    I thought he did an exclusive as the first Asian model for Prada?

  2. coco says:

    What about Takeshi Mikawai? Why he is not on the list! He is gorgeous…

  3. Sui hey says:

    What about Brian vongsilvers?

  4. Madia says:

    No Wu Yifan?

  5. Madia says:

    This is a joke. No Galaxy Wu Yifan ?

  6. AL.W© says:

    “WU TANG”


  7. Hapa guy says:

    Where’s Hu Bing?


    He’s the top model in China by a long shot. Dude is aesthetic beyond belief.

  8. Hapa guy says:

    Lots of these guys are either mixed or either “stereotypically” Asian with sharp features.

    Asia has a ton of guys with full faces, deep eyes, and symmetry. Tons of guys that are 6’0″ too. Lots of them are hiding behind glasses or working themselves to death just to make it to the next day, but I wish the stereotype of Asian males being ugly would just go away…. True that a lot of them just don’t take care of their appearance, but it’s just part of culture.

    Hope one day we can move away from the white standard of beauty. It took me a long time to stop comparing myself to whites and just comparing myself to… myself.

  9. Jack says:

    Tae Hwan Kim and Daisuke Ueda rein supreme.

  10. Carrie says:

    I’ll take one of each, please–with a side of John Cho!

  11. Hit says:

    Ahm. Where’s Gao?

  12. Juraj Zámek says:

    Ok pánové

  13. James says:

    As an Indian who lives in Singapore and then living in Canada. I have felt inferior in terms of looks due to me being a minority in both countries. In Singapore , I felt ugly because everyone was Chinese and I was the only tall, dark and Hairy guy. Coming to Canada I felt ugly because I did not have fair skin or blue eyes or blonde hair. Seeing this project gives me hope but I still feel like you are leaving out Indian men with dark skin. Light skinned Indian men are celebrated but I’m like the dirt of the earth

  14. Yun Kim says:

    I was wondering how I can become a model?