Future Faces

Posted by models.com | July 11th, 2014

Future Faces

Paris is, in many ways, a fitting end to the European show season, a city of beauty, history, and many of fashion’s biggest brands. For most models, it marks the culmination of nearly a month on the road, of endless days of castings, fittings, and miles and miles of travel from show to presentation and back. The runway veterans have the game figured out, but for the crop of new faces every season, the learning curve can be sharp. We found time with seven of our favorite new stars who’ve made an impact on the catwalks at the Spring 2015 shows, proving that inexperience is no burden to success. Our picks, shot over the final weekend of Paris Fashion Week by Dirk Alexander with styling by Adele Cany, range from brand-new boys who were scouted just weeks ago to a few more-experienced guys who had breakout seasons this time around. What they all have in common, however, is a fresh-faced excitement about their new prominence in the industry, along with clear eyes set on the possibilities that lie ahead.

Text by Jonathan Shia
Photography by Dirk Alexander
Styling by Adele Cany @ Angela De Bona NYC
Hair by Jean Baptiste Santens
Grooming by Virginie Rascle
Casting by Jonathan Shia and Betty Sze


LEFT: Sang Woo Kim wearing 22/4

RIGHT: Mats Van Snippenberg wearing jacket by Maison Kitsuné and sweatshirt by Kenzo

Sang Woo Kim, 20, London
Even after dabbling in the fashion world with an internship at Prada in Korea and modeling stints for his classmates during his time in a foundation course at Central Saint Martins last year, Kim says his rapid introduction to the industry was like “being thrown into the deep end.” “My first job, the Stone Island campaign, was a week after my first shoot,” he says, “and I had no idea what was going on.” Still, the painter and fine-arts student has quickly found his feet, walking for DKNY, Dries Van Noten, DSquared2, Neil Barrett, and Dolce & Gabbana in his first full season. “It was amazing,” he says of the experience. “Being a skinny Asian boy, Milan was written-off, so doing four shows there was a dream. It’s been a great season.”


Mihai Bran wearing ROC LINE

Mihai Bran, 19, Romania
After being discovered on Facebook two-and-a-half years ago, Bran spent several seasons working for Roberto Cavalli and Ermenegildo Zegna without making many waves on the runway. He credits his stellar success this season—during which he popped up everywhere from Topman and Gucci to Louis Vuitton and Kenzo, with an opening slot at Hermès and a closing look at Dries Van Noten—to a newly trim physique and optimistic diligence. “You always have to be patient,” he says, “and I don’t mind being patient. I’m happy just being on option because they saw me and noticed me, but I’m not depressed if I don’t get the job.”


Sven de Vries wearing Berluti

Sven de Vries, 19, the Netherlands
A lot can happen in only five weeks. Just ask de Vries, who consistently returns to the word “unimaginable” to describe his whirlwind month since being scouted on a street in London during a school trip. A Prada exclusive led to runway turns at Louis Vuitton, Dior Homme, and Y-3, each one bringing a fresh set of experiences. “When you’re on the catwalk, you get loads of adrenaline, and you feel so good,” he explains. The budding photographer and filmmaker says he looks forward to taking the opportunity to learn what it’s like to be in front of the camera for a change. “It’s really helpful for me to be on the other side of the lens,” he says, “so I can watch the photographer as a model and learn how to communicate better with the people I’m working with. It’s helping me grow as a person.”


LEFT: Mihai Bran wearing jacket by Maison Kitsuné and shirt by Missoni

RIGHT: Rhys Pickering wearing Maison Kitsuné


Marc Schulze wearing Kenzo

Marc Schulze, 19, Berlin
For Schulze, you could say the third time’s a charm. After originally being rejected by his mother agency and then spending two years mostly off the radar, the Berliner has made a splash this season, appearing at JW Anderson, Prada, Ermenegildo Zegna, Dior Homme, Raf Simons, and Y-3. “Before this year, I did two seasons in two years,” he laughs. “You can’t really call that modeling.” Schulze is still wide-eyed at his sudden success, saying the highlight of his season was “just being good enough” to walk for Prada and Dior Homme. Still, the avid gamer—he cites League of Legends as a special favorite—recognizes the privileges he has and is more than ready to take full advantage of them. “At my age, none of my friends get to see as much of the world as I do,” he says, “so I love that.”


LEFT: Rhys Pickering wearing Carven

RIGHT: Sang Woo Kim wearing jacket by 22/4


LEFT: Mihai Bran wearing ROC LINE

RIGHT: Mats Van Snippenberg wearing jacket by Maison Kitsuné and sweatshirt by Kenzo


Bram Valbracht wearing sweater by Maison Kitsuné, pants by Carven, and beanie by Kenzo

Bram Valbracht, 18, the Netherlands
When Valbracht was scouted on the street in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, he says his first thought was of reality TV. “Because of the show I Can Make You a Supermodel, I was like, ‘What is this? Am I going to have to be on camera?’” Instead, he was tossed straight into show season, walking for Prada, Neil Barrett, and Salvatore Ferragamo in Milan and Carven and Louis Vuitton in Paris. “It feels weird, because it’s not about how much effort you put into it,” he says about his new job. “You just have to be yourself.” Now in his gap year, Valbracht says he is ready for anything modeling may throw at him. “I already planned to take a year to go to a foreign country and learn the language,” he says, “and then this came on my path, so I will see what I will do now.”


LEFT: Sven de Vries wearing Berluti

RIGHT: Marc Schulze wearing sweatshirt by ROC LINE, pants by Kenzo, and shoes by Adieu


Rhys Pickering wearing jacket by Carven

Rhys Pickering, 19, Middlesbrough, England
Newcomers looking to build up their social media clout could take a page from Pickering, whose fifty-five thousand Twitter followers outnumber those of many established veterans. “Once you get a following, people start to see you and then you just get more exposure and it kind of snowballs from there,” he explains. A former resident of Dubai, the young filmmaker was discovered while tending bar for a family friend earlier this year, then quickly shipped off to Barcelona before booking a Prada exclusive and opening and closing Louis Vuitton. “I tried on two looks at Louis Vuitton and as [stylist Alister Mackie] was checking everything, he said, ‘What does it feel like having this responsibility?’ I couldn’t fathom what he was talking about, and then he told me I was opening and closing and I was absolutely gobsmacked,” he says. “It was absolutely amazing, and I don’t think I’ll experience anything more exhilarating than that ever.”


LEFT: Sang Woo Kim wearing 22/4

RIGHT: Marc Schulze wearing ROC LINE


Mats Van Snippenberg wearing jacket by Kenzo and t-shirt by Carven

Mats van Snippenberg, 16, the Netherlands
Of all the fresh young faces at the Spring 2015, few were fresher than van Snippenberg, still with a year left of high school and discovered on the street just this past King’s Day in April. After a few test shoots, he was off for fashion season, with a run that started with Topman and JW Anderson in London and included Prada, Ermenegildo Zegna, Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Dior Homme, and Carven. “It’s really awesome how fast it goes,” he says. “My first thought was, ‘Am I going to book a lot of shows?’ Then I got all these confirmations, and it was crazy because they were great brands. You walk one show for Prada and then the next one asks you to come and it keeps going.”


LEFT: Sven de Vries wearing sweater and pants by Berluti and shirt by Maison Kitsuné

RIGHT: Bram Valbracht wearing sweater by Maison Kitsuné

Special thanks to Bérix Enesa at Bananas (Paris), Maryline at THE FACE (Paris), Maria Ianniello at Elite Milan (Milan), Magali Gless at M MANAGEMENT MEN (Paris), Celia Martinez at Major Paris (Paris), Jérôme Alcantara at Marilyn Agency (Paris), Gaëtan Flamanc at Premium Models (Paris), and Cesar Perin at Unsigned MGMT.

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