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Pernille’s Brand New Walk

Posted by wayne | July 7th, 2008

The July 4th holidays are over. The new model wars have begun. IMG sent  ultra-fresh newcomer Pernille from Denmark over to the MDC offices this morning and after watching her impeccable walk we sped her video to top story status on MDX . Blue chip mileage looms!

[flashvideo filename= image= height=360 width=480 /]

Pernille/IMG. Pols courtesy of IMG.

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9 Comments to “Pernille’s Brand New Walk”

  1. DooDiva says:

    Interesting and very different look in good way.

  2. brenda says:

    she is so adorable! (loves)

  3. Simon Hansen says:

    Hin kender jeg! =D I know her! =D

    Nice at se dig på nettet ^^

  4. Fabio Lage says:

    Her face isnt comum!!!
    I really like!!

  5. heather says:

    she seems like a sweet girl. and omg, she has the longest arms i’ve ever seen!

  6. jordan_gooden says:

    I love how unique she looks. Cant wait to see more of this girl

  7. Tom Linkens says:

    New talent. I for one will keep an eye on her to see what she can accomplish.

  8. Eva says:

    Yearh’ really speciel look!
    I loooove’ her arms, but her legs are a little weird?… But no doubt they are long! She must be a 5’11 or even more!

  9. wow… that girl lives on a farm in Denmark.
    i’ve followed her (from the sideline) all the way…

    she is such a nice person!
    one of my best friends.. my god… she’s not just pretty.. she’s clever too!

    and i can prove i know this girl ;P my horse is stalled where she lives, and it is in the pasture with Pernilles horses every day.

    i’m just proud to know her, and know that she really is giving something to the society, in two ways:
    – being pretty
    – and helping anyone who needs her in everyday life

    i love you Nolle… i will be with you whereever you go.