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The Devastating Daniela

Posted by wayne | July 11th, 2008

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Daniela, 20 years old from Mexico and currently with Major Models in NYC stopped by the MDC offices one Thursday. As she walked for our video, with every step she took we could hear the sound of the cash registers ringing. From VS to cosmetics to fragrances, we bet there is a whole school of clients setting Daniela’s charts on fire !

36 Comments to “The Devastating Daniela”

  1. DooDiva says:

    Her proportion body is too curvier and big in fashion industry. Oh well, see what happen next…

  2. Daniela is a very beautiful model. I had a great time shooting Daniela when I was in Miami. She’s definitely moving up and I knew it when I shot her. Hola Daniela !!!

  3. Shawn Mount says:

    I’ve ben buggin’ her for years to move to NYC! I’ve known her sice she was 17. Has she learned any english yet?

  4. Lucy says:

    SEX ON LEGS!!!

  5. Fabio Lage says:

    She is like a brazilian model Wanessa Milhomen!!!

  6. jordan_gooden says:

    This women is major.
    very exciting

  7. Rafael says:

    The first of the Mexican Models moving up!!!!
    Felcidades Daniela!!!!!

  8. Benjamin says:

    she is curvy that true but she’ll work that out.what is more important is the look in her eyes! very interesting presence.

  9. emma says:

    she is curvy but i can really see her land a spot with VS instantly, especially with the figure. can’t really see her do high fashion editorials and runway though. but LOVE those eyes.

  10. caboboi says:

    Oh my goodness!! I have been waiting for to post something about Daniela for years now!! Glad to see her on here finally. If you want more pictures and info. check out her page:

  11. c. says:

    She is “curvy” and beautiful! I think that it´s great that more “curvy” models (or atleast healthy) are moving up. Because the fashion industry needs to change.

  12. photorama says:

    She’s gorgeous, and has a curvier body, I’m sure she’ll be getting the best commercial bookings!

  13. C karen says:

    eres un gran ejemplo a seguir ahora … ^^
    i lo mejor es que eres mexicana….
    espero i despues de ti otras puedan seguir tus pasos

  14. Michael says:

    Throw this girl in some Versace and send her down the runway. Sex pottttt!!

  15. raiee says:

    gorgeous girl!!!

  16. frank says:

    I remebmer this girl when she tried out for Miss Mexico back in 2005 i think. I’ve seen of her work in the past and she takes beautiful pictures. She also has a much lighter skin color now, she used to be more tan.

  17. lollo says:

    The correct Myspace is

    Guys, be ready.. she is one of the top 10 in 2009!

  18. julius says:

    this creature is going to be the brand new model of VS and the cover of SI.. and I know that Vogue Italy is shooting her too..

  19. paul says:

    congratulations daniela!!!!! i think she has an interesting look, and i’m so happy that mexican models like her or mayra suarez are moving up!!!!

  20. chelsea says:

    curvy is good..dats how models should look like. not fat curvy..but slim kind of curvy….not anorexic sickly look..eeeeewwww!! hate that with a passion. ugly ugly ugly.

  21. tony says:

    Daniela is FIERCE. Good to see someone from Mexico represented. And in my opinion, no one is too curvy for high fashion. Every body type should be represented, not just the supper skinny blonde East Europeans!

  22. SM says:

    we need girls like Daniela in the fashion business!

  23. lisa says:

    can I book her through major also for europe?

  24. Rosalyn says:

    MEXICAN!!! HELL YESSSS! We need more Mexicans yo.


    I hope you get it ALL girl. She’s completely worth it.

  25. bianca says:

    I love her stare her eyes are intense & demanding yet overall she presents this wholesome appearance, I like that.

    I most definitely see her with big Angel Wings with a cute little outfit and her baton. She’s a gorgeous; I too hear money for this girl as well.

  26. Dijana says:

    A star is born!

  27. Tommy says:

    Amazing! I’m blown away by how beautiful she is!

  28. David says:

    So fresh and unique, just what fashion needs.
    Is she doing runway shows?

  29. lisa says:

    it seems that she is available only for exclusive contract for shows in ny..

  30. tony says:

    Oh, that’s too bad. I’d love to see Daniela bring some excitment to the runways!

  31. Eva says:

    Love her height, 5’9 or 5’9.5
    Yes yes yes – the fashion industry needs something new and damn’ curvy!
    I am tired of size 0! Just look at Miss Gisele, curvy and successfull!

  32. Fred says:

    Sharp knees!!!

  33. Agustino Di' Blanco says:

    Someone needs to send her pictures to Meisel or Testino, to see what happens, maybe they like her.